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Unaccompanied Alien Teens Coming to a County Near You!

Although the Harris/Biden team is dodging the question, the crisis is growing on the Southern Border as thousands of mostly teenagers breach the border. In January the message went out far and wide that America was now free for the taking! Yesterday when I wrote my Refugee Round-up for the week at RRW,  I linked the data on file at […]

Maryland CAIR Hissy-Fit: Will BLM Graffiti ‘Hate Crime’ be Another Hoax?

It was earlier this month when we saw that the destruction of a Black Lives Matter sign at a church in Missouri turned out to have been the work of— wait for it—a black man. Sorry move along, nothing to see!  No White supremacists lurking there. Let’s see what happens with this latest gasp! shocker.  […]

TENNESSEE: Somali Students Ripped-Off College to the Tune of $114,000

Just so you know that Minnesota isn’t the only place in America where refugee contractors and the US State Department salted a Somali population, Tennessee got them too! This is the kind of story I was thinking about when I first began this blog! To counter the ‘new American’ fluff stories I wanted to show […]

VIDEO: Why Does Any Conservative Want their Kids in Public Schools?

[T]he new “education threat” is “a one-two punch that combines Alinskyite community organizing with woke education based on Critical Race Theory.” – Stanley Kurtz  I have been puzzled for months when I hear from just about any conservative media a demand to get kids back in school during this Chinese virus ‘crisis.’ Even our […]

Visit Donald Trump’s Save America PAC, Hear Directly from The Man!

If you support the MAGA movement and President Donald Trump, become a member of his new Save America PAC.  But, you don’t have to be a founding member (yes, contributor!) to see the President’s press releases. LOL! You can tell by the wording of this one about Karl Rove from yesterday, that this is definitely Trump’s voice. Who […]

VIDEO: Will Minnesota be the first Muslim State in America?

 Many Somalis sure hope so, while some Minnesotans are saying an emphatic no! For longtime readers of my other blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch, you know that beginning in the 1990’s the US State Department and its ‘religious’ charity contractors, specifically Lutheran and Catholic resettlement contractors, have been placing Somalis, many from Dadaab the big UN camp […]

Six Capitol Police Officers Suspended, Others Under Investigation in January 6th Riot

What the heck is this all about? I think Trump’s peaceful patriots are owed an explanation ASAP about what was actually going on at the US Capitol on January 6th.   We need an investigation not run by Nancy Pelosi. Remember this? The Blaze has this headline in case you missed it: 6 Capitol officers suspended for alleged role […]

Australia’s Sky News: U.S. Media Acting as a Biden Protection Racket [Video]

The media down under is saying what American mainstream media refuses to say, Joe Biden’s “cognitive decline”, his dementia, is accelerating. And, they all knew it and kept it secret throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. Hopefully Youtube doesn’t delete this five minutes of honest analysis being seen across Australia (and around the world) at the oldest cable […]

Top Ten Fastest Growing Conservative Websites Identified

One of my favorites, Gateway Pundit, is near the top of the list. Who needs Fox News and who needs Twitter*** just put these sites on your daily reading and watch list and you will be the best informed citizen in your neighborhood. But, just being well-informed doesn’t cut it. Do not spend all of your time becoming a super-reader because […]

Moratorium Demand: Muslim Activist Group Wants Biden to Ban Facial Recognition Technology

They claim it unfairly targets marginalized and over-surveilled groups in America—-like those patriots gathered to peacefully protest outside of the US Capitol on January 6th. LOL! No, they aren’t defending patriots and so-called white nationalists. But, it sure would be a fun exercise if one of the Southern Poverty Law Centers latest “hate groups” contacted them and asked to […]

BLM Violent Riot Expert John Sullivan Was Paid by CNN and NBC for His Films of Capitol Riot

Antifa militant John Earle Sullivan got paid $70,000 by CNN and NBC for filming Ashlii Babbitt's death — AntifaBook.com (@JackPosobiec) February 17, 2021 And while the likes of yours truly*** and other conservatives are suspended or banned at Twitter, a judge agreed with  Sullivan’s defense attorney who said it was too much punishment if Sullivan was […]