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Duke University Ordered to Repay the Federal Government $112 Million for Grant Fraud

It looks like all involved are Americans (LOL! I am, after all, fair and balanced here at Frauds and Crooks!). But, I’m bringing you this news for several reasons and first and foremost I want you to know that a whistleblower filed a lawsuit that provided information about how research data was being fudged (for years!) […]

Maryland/Virginia: Three of Five MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in Horrific Murder are ‘Refugees’

“Sadly, the American people pay for the rope to hang ourselves with by resettling these people as refugees.” – (Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review) “The suspects allegedly stabbed the victim 100 times and set the body on fire.” You probably heard something about this case in the days following the arrest last week of five gang […]

Shame on Bob Moser and all the Others who Kept the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Secrets (until now)

Who is Bob Moser you ask? He is a writer at The New Yorker who tells us over a decade later what he learned about the frauds at the Southern Poverty Law Center when he worked there in the early 2000’s. Moser told his story yesterday about how much of the staff (mostly former staff now!) was well aware […]

Foreign National Attempts Entry To Ft. Bragg, N.C.: Why So Little Media Attention?

The incident that caused the Special Operations Facility to briefly close its gates happened a week ago today and according to the Fayetteville Observer the illegal alien arrested that day is expected in court today. A week ago and we just learn about it this week!  And, as of this morning the only media outlets reporting are […]

Florida: First Generation Pakistani Heart Doctor Defrauded Medicare to the Tune of $2.2 Million

And, the same newspaper that reported the news from Davenport, Florida had praised him to the heavens just a couple years before in a glowing article about how much the first generation Pakistani doctor was giving back to the community. Editor: I haven’t written a Medicare fraud story for two weeks, not since this story about the Colorado […]

Southern Poverty Law Center Founder Ousted, Rumors Suggest Internal Racial Problems

“Morris (Dees) is a flimflam man and he’s managed to flimflam his way along for many years raising money by telling people about the Ku Klux Klan and hate groups.” – (Stephen Bright, Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta) I don’t usually bother posting stories that are widely published, but this one is very much […]

IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF TIME: Now Mexicans and Others are Coming in Across our Northern Border

I told you recently that it’s election year in Canada and if Trudeau is reelected it is only going to get worse for us as he has put out a Canadian welcome mat to the world. Did you know that Mexicans and Romanians can go to Canada without even a visa! So guess where they are going […]

Minnesota Rep: We aren’t going to make Food Stamp recipients work!

Egads!  What is going on in Minnesota?  It’s not just MN Rep. Ilhan Omar making news, but now we see that Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson—the dean of the Minnesota delegation!—is making news by telling Trump: “I’ll guarantee you it’s not going to happen.”  He is referring to the Trump initiative to tell states they must enforce […]

Seattle Decapitation Murder Involved ‘New Americans’?

This must be an example of the *diversity and cultural enrichment* that we’ve been promised by the Democrats…. (Grim, a commenter at the Hal Turner Radio Show) Reader Kris sent me this story and remarked that there was very little to be found in the news on the early-February murder and the police officer-involved shooting […]

Story about Unaccompanied Alien Children in Florida Shelter is Humorous and Infuriating

This is a story from UPI last week that has been languishing in my posting queue. It’s a longish story, but worth reading if you want to know more about life (the good life) in a shelter for the “children” who have come across our border illegally and unaccompanied. I’m only going to bring your attention to […]