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Trump jumps to A- grade on NumbersUSA Presidential candidate score card

Puts a discussion of LEGAL immigration on the table with his Immigration white paper. Here is Roy Beck writing at NumbersUSA earlier this week: The weight of Donald Trump’s front-runner status and his detailed plan released over the weekend tipped the balance among the Republicans’ 2016 Presidential field so that the dominant position now is […]

Trump Immigration Reform Plan is Out!

Here is the plan (hat tip: Cathy) and here is a very thorough report by Matthew Boyle at Breitbart. Presidential candidate Donald Trump, we learned, reached out to Senator Jeff Sessions for help crafting the very ‘comprehensive’ and detailed plan—a plan which addresses both LEGAL and illegal immigration with an eye to putting American workers first! […]

Maine: African Muslim Refugees Charged in Brutal Murder

Except apparently it was so brutal that the case (and the autopsy) has been sealed from the media for at least a week! Or, why else would it have been sealed? Diversity is strength alert! The story is here at World Net Daily: Authorities in Portland, Maine, have arrested three Somali-American men in connection with […]

Trump working with Senator Jeff Sessions on Immigration Platform

Signaling that he couldn’t be more serious about getting immigration under control, Presidential candidate Donald Trump has sought out the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, Senator Jeff Sessions, to help craft his immigration policy platform. Readers know that if I could have waved a magic wand and chosen […]

Refugee Contractors ‘Bidding for Bodies’

That phrase is a favorite one of a longtime critic of the refugee resettlement process as it is now administered in the U.S.—bidding for bodies.  Catchy isn’t it! Yesterday we were alerted to yet another editorial at MagicValley.com which has heretofore demonstrated a bias in favor of more refugees for Twin Falls.   The editorial basically asks, […]

Daniel Horowitz: Carly is in no position to punch Hillary on immigration issue!

I told you the other day, I’m a one issue voter.  If we don’t get immigration (how many and who we allow to become permanent residents) slowed (stopped!) nothing else matters. So, just thought you should see what Daniel Horowitz writing at Conservative Review yesterday tells us about Carly Fiorina on the issue of immigration (among […]

CPAC 2014: Trump was Out-in-Front [virtually alone] on Immigration Issue

Yesterday Ann Coulter tweeted this little walk down memory lane about the premiere (supposedly) conservative conclave held in Washington, D.C. each year known as CPAC. For the record, we have written often on CPAC, but will not attend primarily because CPAC ‘leaders’ including Grover Norquist have worked hard for many years to keep discussions on […]

Fargo, ND [and everywhere else] to be Slammed with New Refugees in next Seven Weeks

Why the next seven weeks? Because fiscal year 2015 ends on September 30th and the settlers in the US State Department and in their contracting agencies want to hit the Obama target of 70,000 for the year and they have (as of July 31), 18,470 more to go! Actually that 70,000 figure that Obama announced […]

What explains the stupidity of ‘leaders’ allowing their countries to be overrun?

This is another good comment from ‘7delta.’  The comment is in response to ‘Misterpaul’ (a thoughtful and concerned Brit) at our post on Fargo, ND, here. The Calais standoff has gone on for years, here is one story from 2013. For additional background, you might also want to see our post last week on the […]

GOP Debate: Glad immigration discussed, but Fox moderators very unprofessional

I’m not going to say much here except that I was very glad to see the discussion of immigration elevated to the level it has reached in the GOP primary contest. See my previous post on how Americans feel about more immigration. Some of you may disagree….. But, it was the Fox moderators themselves (especially […]