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How companies should engage on climate

A while back I was speaking to a major pipeline company and was asked how they should engage on the climate issue. Here’s my answer (lightly edited): Why engage? You’re a company that exists so that people can consume a certain product. When they consume that product, there’s a byproduct of CO2, and people are […]

Debate invitation to Elon Musk and Michael Mann

Last year I spoke to 2,000 college students at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit. This year I’ve been invited back–and Turning Point has asked me to debate one of today’s leading fossil fuel opponents. The biggest challenge, however, is finding someone willing to debate me. I recently decided to invite Elon Musk and Michael Mann […]

Alex Epstein on Big Concepts, Solar Impact, Human Innovation, and more!

The Right Media published an interview with me stating: Alex Epstein is the founder and President of the Center for Industrial Progress (CIP). He’s joined Ben Shields today to discuss the climate, the science, the tech, and the physics behind the energy industries. Alex’s book, ‘The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels’: http://industrialprogress.com/store/ If you feel compelled […]

Sustainable Energy vs. Evolving Energy

In this column, we’re going to discuss how energy freedom leads, not to “sustainable” energy, but to evolving energy. People often are concerned about the future of energy. They worry, “If we keep producing and consuming energy the way we are today, won’t we run out?” The answer, if you take that literally, is absolutely. […]

Freedom to Compete

In this column, we’re going to discuss the freedom to compete. Free to compete, free to choose Because of threats to fossil fuel development and use, it’s very important for us to understand the truth about their impact on human life. Ultimately, we’re trying to promote human flourishing, not fossil fuels per se. We’re championing […]

Freedom to Develop

In this column, we’re going to discuss the freedom to develop. What is the freedom to develop? To develop is to change our environment from one form into another form—in particular, a form that the developer regards as more conducive to human life. All energy production requires development, and a lot of it. Thus, for […]

Freedom from endangerment

In this column, we’re going to discuss the freedom from endangerment. It is vital for human well-being that individuals are protected from dangers to their air, water, sanitation, and safety. Energy production and use, including fossil fuel production and use, can endanger people in all kinds of ways if done badly—from bad burning processes, to […]

Energy Policy

In the next few columns, we’re going to be talking about energy policy. In previous columns, we concluded that fossil fuels are a moral form of energy that should be expanded, not restricted. But, there’s one qualifier. We can say there are moral forms of energy, but it’s only moral to use them if they […]

Fossil Fuels Make Us Safer From Climate

When we’re talking about climate, we always need to remember that the ultimate goal isn’t some exact temperature. It’s climate safety and climate livability. Is the climate becoming more dangerous? We often hear claims that climate safety has gotten worse and will continue to get worse. What you rarely hear about though is how climate […]

Climate models that can’t predict climate

Last week we learned that the greenhouse effect is a diminishing effect. Why, then, do we hear all these catastrophic predictions? Climate models These claims of CO2 leading to runaway warming and catastrophic climate change are based on speculative climate models that include additional drivers of warming to the greenhouse effect. It’s important to keep […]

New Video: The Clarity Tool

Here’s a new video of a recent 10xTalk I gave on communication, titled “The Clarity Tool: How to Think About, Clarify, and Solve Your Biggest Problems.” In the speech, delivered at an event by Genius Network, I introduce the audience to a tool I developed to dramatically increase people’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively. […]