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Energy Day: A New Analogy

Earlier this week I gave the keynote speech at Energy Day, the most significant annual energy event in Peru. The event was hosted by the firm Laub & Quijandría, led by Anthony Laub. One of the highlights of my trip was meeting Anthony’s team before my speech and discussing The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels; they […]

New Ambassador Course: “How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy” [Video]

I’m excited to announce that you can now sign up for my universal and comprehensive training program for employees in the moral case for fossil fuels and the art of constructive conversation. “How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy” is the best method I know of for creating motivated, effective ambassadors. In this course, you’ll find: The […]

The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Millennial Problem — and How to Solve It

Today I am releasing a new whitepaper on the challenges the fossil fuel industry faces with its millennial workers. Here’s a summary. Millennial workers are the future of the fossil fuel industry, and they are extremely concerned with the moral meaning of their work. Unfortunately for the industry, these millennials have been exposed to hundreds of hours of claims […]

Why my opponents won’t debate me

Last week I was interviewed by Steven Crowder on his show “Louder Than Crowder.” It was a fun discussion that covered a lot of interesting topics, including why it is that fossil fuel opponents refuse to debate me–or back out after agreeing to debate me. Watch/listen here. Dilbert Exposes Climate “Science” A recent Dilbert comic […]

The Moral Case for High-impact Industries

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to speak at the annual conference of The Association of Union Constructors. I was particularly excited to speak at this conference because the attendees’ unions represented a combined 3 million employees from groups such as iron workers, boilermakers, electricians, etc. RELATED VIDEO: The moral case for fossil fuels: One hour […]

VIDEO: 1st Anniversary of My Debate with Senator Barbara Boxer on the use of Fossil Fuels

“I’ll never forget this hearing.” — Senator Barbara Boxer One year ago today, I testified in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. My five minute presentation was called “the best five minutes of defense of fossil fuels I have ever seen” by prominent meteorologist, Joe Bastardi. But the most memorable part of […]

Free ‘Fossil Fuel Energy Stakeholder Strategy Tool’ I Encourage Everyone to Try

For the last several years we have worked on creating the most effective messaging strategies, content, and training to: Neutralize attackers Turn non-supporters into supporters Turn supporters into champions. After working with dozens of companies and other organizations and studying many more, and testing/refining our approach in every medium imaginable with the general public, I […]

Will Bill Nye debate me?

On Tuesday I posted this on Twitter. Why Bill Nye “The Science Guy”? Because he is the most prominent opponent of fossil fuels that has shown any inclination to debate. My top 2 dream debates are Al Gore (whom I have offered $100,000) and Elon Musk (who blocked me from Twitter for asking a few […]