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Democrats want to add suppression of free speech to their national platform

Horrifyingly, the Democratic National Committee unanimously voted to make the suppression of free speech, in the form of prosecuting companies and pro-fossil-fuel organizations, part of their official platform proposal. Many detractors of Donald Trump have (rightly) worried about his comments indicating the possibility of violating the First Amendment. But now the Democrats want to make […]

Why I Wear the I Love Fossil Fuels T-Shirt

For years I have gotten the question: Where can I get one of those shirts? And for years I have had inadequate solutions that involved a) you paying $25-30 a shirt or b) CIP spending a lot of time becoming a mediocre t-shirt fulfillment company. Now, thanks to the geniuses at Teespring, I am thrilled […]

How We Can Get the Candidates Talking About America’s Energy Opportunity

America has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to combine American innovation, American resources, and American freedom to create American energy abundance and become the world’s energy superpower, overtaking Russia and the Middle East. In 20 seconds, you can tell our politicians, including the candidates that are completely ignoring this issue in the debates–this time to discuss Trump’s […]

When Will the Presidential Candidates Debate America’s Energy Opportunity?

Presidential debates are supposed to cover the issues that will most affect voters. In this respect, every Presidential debate so far has failed, because none have discussed America’s single greatest opportunity, an opportunity that can help solve 8 of our toughest challenges and “make America great again.” This is America’s energy opportunity. America has a […]

The Paris Energy Poverty Summit

I recently wrote a series of articles for prominent newspapers around the country on why we should carefully watch the ongoing anti-fossil fuel negotiations in Paris. The summary: “The heads of 190 countries, including President Obama, are meeting for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change.Their goal is to reach an international agreement that will […]

VIDEO: Why You Should Love Fossil Fuel

Here’s my YouTube interview with Internet sensation Stefan Molyneux. Check it out. Power Hour: Pierre Desrochers on The Bet On the latest episode of Power Hour, I talk to Pierre Desrochers about the 25th anniversary of the momentous bet between resource theorists Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon. Download Episode 113 with Pierre Desrochers Subscribe to Power […]

The Industrial Manifesto

In the wake of two recessions following two fleeting, largely service-sector bubbles—the dot-com bubble and the housing/financial bubble—America’s intellectual and political leaders are championing the need for industrial progress. The ubiquitous Thomas L. Friedman takes on the subject of industrial progress in his latest book, That Used to Be Us, coauthored by political scientist Michael […]