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Egyptian Journalist speaks against an Islamic Caliphate: ‘So What If Muslims Ruled the World?! So Did Hitler’

Leading Egyptian journalist Ibrahim Issa recently stated the case against the Islamic Caliphate. “If you say that the Caliphate was the model of excellence… you are insisting upon a stupid, nonsensical, and meaningless lie,” said Issa on his Nugum FM radio show. The video was posted on the Internet on February 3, 2015. Issa, who […]

Is the Council on American Islamic Relations ‘Islamophobia website’ a ‘Hit List’?

No one can argue the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has a public relations problem here in the United States and United Arab Emirates(UAE). In November of 2014, the UAE designated CAIR a Terrorist Organization. That means Muaaz Hassan, Hassan Shibly, Ibrahim Hooper, Nihad Awad, Corey Saylor, Randall ‘Todd’ Royer, Bassem Khafagi, etc… are […]

VIDEO: Those Who ‘Stand with the Prophet’ Deny Media Access to Free Speech Conference in Garland, TX

This is a video analysis bringing the viewer with us as we examine why we were denied access to the Stand With The Prophet Conference in Garland, TX. The SoundVision Foundation along with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) deny Jesse Watters of Fox News, The United West, Adam Kredo of the Washington Free […]

Sword of Damocles Over Petraeus’ Head

By Wallace Bruschweiler: The New York Times, Jan 9, 2015 reports, “At a news conference shortly after Mr. Petraeus resigned, President Obama said he had no evidence that Mr. Petraeus had disclosed classified information “that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security…We are safer because of the work that […]

Former Muslim GITMO Guard Turns Traitor?

 “Seeing religion practiced the way that the detainees (al-Qaeda terrorists) practice Islam is a really life changing experience in itself” (Terry Holdbrooks) Is Terry Holdbrooks, a.k.a. Mustafa Abdullah, a propaganda agent for the sworn enemies of the United States of America?  That is a question for you and our government to answer. In August 2002, […]

Are Power Plant Transformers America’s Weakest Link?

By Wallace Bruschweiler and Alan Kornman: On November 6, 2014 The Guardian reports, “Three arrests fail to staunch mystery of Drones flying over French nuclear plants.”  Several drones were reported flying over the protected airspace of nuclear power plants raising questions about electrical grid security. As the sophistication of commercially available drones increases our electrical […]

Oxfam and BDS Hypocrisy by Wallace Bruschweiler and Alan Kornman

The definition of peace between the Palestinians and Israelis is when the two can work alongside each other, earning equal wages, benefits, and economically energizing their neighborhoods, in a ‘so called’ peaceful environment. Peace broke out in Maale Adumim, West Bank at the SodaStream factory 15 minutes west of Jerusalem. 600 West Bank Palestinians, 300 […]

U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations Thinks Americans Are Stupid

The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) public condemnation of ISIS press release is clever propaganda that doesn’t say anything of substance against Islamic Jihadi Doctrine but does threaten every Americans right to free speech. You will learn how CAIR, Muslim American Society (MAS), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Muslim Legal Fund of America, […]

“We Use Missiles To Defend Civilians, Hamas Uses Civilians To Defend Missiles”

By Alan Kornman and Wallace Bruschweiler: Roi Kais of Ynetnews.com reports,  “Hamas Interior Ministry tells Gaza locals to stay in their homes despite Israeli phone calls, leaflets, and the ‘knock on the roof’ procedure urging them to evacuate.” The “knock on the roof procedure”, Israeli Air Force fires a small round at the roof of […]

Israel Vs. Hamas 2014 – Asymmetric Warfare

Special Report by Alan Kornman and Wallace S. Bruschweiler. Israel almost always warns the people of Gaza of a planned attack and suggests to vacate designated buildings.  On the other hand,  Hamas uses the people of Gaza as human expendable shields,   This Hamas tactic of war is intended to protect buildings, munition depots,  and Hamas military […]