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Who’s attacking the TEA Party now?

In what will certainly exacerbate the rift within the Republican party between the establishment and the constitutional conservative Tea Party base, Newsmax reports that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is planning to spend $50 million to support establishment and business-friendly Republican candidates in next year’s congressional elections. “Our No. 1 focus is to make sure, when it […]

Alarming video: Al Qaeda growing and taking “a new approach to death”

[youtube]http://youtu.be/vRL0tNpA19U[/youtube] Remember, when President Obama said “Osama bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is decimated and on the run?” If it weren’t for the fawning liberal progressive media, that statement could have been the “Lie of the Year” for 2012. According to a CNN report, The terror group’s manpower has increased in recent years, it […]

Devout Muslim woman graduates top of her medical school class – in Israel of course

I want to thank the Huffington Post for providing such a pro-Israel story, which demonstrates the opportunities provided in western civilization for all women, instead of the horrors awaiting women in Islamic countries. Let me introduce you to 27-year-old Mais Ali-Saleh, who grew up in a small village outside of Nazareth, in Israel’s Galilee. As […]

Scary combo: Impotent Congress and Imperial President

The 113th Congress is about to end its first session and has been referred to as one of the least productive legislative bodies in recent history. Perhaps there are those of you who feel that’s a good thing… As Reid Wilson writes in the Washington Post: “As the Senate prepares to take up the budget […]

If Obama were a Cadet or Midshipman, he’d be expelled

There is one simple, yet powerful, comparative analysis from this week that I’m sure not many are considering. This week President Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the dubious distinction of being the mouthpiece of the Politifact “Lie of the Year.” This follows a year where President Obama was awarded by the Washington Post with four […]

Obama TF Studying How to “Nudge” – Control your Behavior

“In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Often attributed to George Orwell, this statement is eerily appropriate in light of this latest revelation about the Obama administration. In Politico, Richard Williams reports: Earlier this year, the White House revealed that it is establishing a task force dedicated to studying how to motivate you—just as […]

Backdoor gun control is here: No lead means no bullets

I am one who steers very clear of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. I often believe progressives plant stories in order to distract and disrupt, enabling them to pursue their true goals and objectives. That’s why I stress the importance of staying focused on the modern liberal socialist policies of the Obama administration, not the sideshow […]

Marine murders in Afghanistan underscore abhorrent ROE

As we prepare to draw down our forces in Afghanistan we continue to hear stories about the abhorrent ROE (Rules of Engagement). The following story will only serve to increase the angst and question the purpose of our current involvement in that country. In August of 2012, according to the Marine Times, “Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson, […]