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Delusional: U.S. military will no longer target Taliban – even though they just murdered 3 American contractors

Last week we shared the story about the Taliban claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack that killed three American contractors. The Americans, working as contractors for the North Carolina-based Praetorian Standards Inc., were shot and killed, and another was wounded by a member of the Afghan security forces — actually a Taliban infiltrator. And we thought combat […]

Are we toast? Saudi king is dead; ISIS expands; we’re abandoning Yemen and Iran has a missile launcher

On Tuesday evening President Obama stated, “the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong” — and of course the blind followers cheered. Obama also hinted that we had “turned the page” on our fight against terrorism. Remember his unilateral declaration at the National War College that the war on […]

Why we’re losing against Islamists

As we reported here, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has contacted our U.S. senators advising them not to vote for restoring crippling sanctions against Iran. I reviewed recent history to find a similar case — with little success. I wish someone would give a little advice to Prime Minister Cameron that our foreign policy isn’t exactly […]

The End-around Impeachment? GOP now Controls 30 State Legislatures

Everyone knows there’s a huge difference between presidential and midterm election cycles — but not everyone knows how big a difference. Presidential election cycles are starting to resemble episodes of American Idol — what season, I have no idea. The midterm election cycles are where those who understand legislative process and policy rise to the […]

This must disgust you: Clint Lorance denied clemency while disgraced sexual deviant general cuts plea deal

Every day I wonder what’s happening in our America. Here’s another example. I received an email from Don J. Snyder regarding the plight of Army 1LT Clint Lorance – about whom we’ve written here often. Here is what Mr. Snyder sent me: “Col. West, we lost our clemency appeal. I was able to notify Anna (Clint’s […]

A beautiful message for Christmas and all mankind [VIDEO]

Every year, British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s produces a special Christmas commercial. This one is cinema-quality and particularly touching. Enjoy something uplifting for a change. EDITORS NOTE: This video originally appeared on AllenBWest.com. The featured image is titled ‘It surely behoves us as a society to retain the first world war’s deaths with a degree of reverence.’ […]

I don’t usually play the race card, but —

The great thing about having this website is that it’s my personal blog and shared with occasional commentary from two people – my wife Angela, with whom I will celebrate 25 years on Christmas Eve, and my editor. Here you’ll find my personal thoughts, perspectives, and insights as a private free American citizen with a […]

With Cromnibus passed, Boehner surrenders all leverage through 2015

Well, the “cromnibus” monster spending bill passed last night, and President Obama and Vice President Biden worked hard to get Democrat support — which they did not receive. The funding measure passed and in doing so, the new incoming GOP majority will have little to no say in funding measures through the entire year — […]