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El Paso, America’s Most Exploited City

One ordinary day in The Sun City I took out on foot into the belly of Las Tienditas near the heart of downtown El Paso, Texas. Aptly named for hundreds of street vendors, mercados, jewelers, and other sellers of everything a person could possibly need, this “Little Stores” region is the last American plot of […]

Having Nothing, Possessing Everything

It was the 1 AM phone call that nobody wants. Mama cell. From a dead sleep to my greeting of what’s wrong, the reason for the call was the most bizarre thing we could have ever imagined. My sister’s house was burning down. Just hours before, I had arrived from visiting my Mama three hours […]

The American Victim

It was a late October night when my best friend Heather and I made the pilgrimage to school to meet the bus after a long day of footballing with our boys. Two Southern Belles giggling and recapping the day’s experience, we were an inseparable pair of wives and moms without a care in the world […]

Two Shadows in the Valley

Do all the men of the universe a favor and wear your hair like that for the rest of your life. In the rolling, wooded hills of Hamilton, Georgia, it was a cold Monday in December 2007. As the three sisters scurried around the house getting ready for Emma’s wedding, the letter arrived postmarked November […]

I Spy in the Great Big Sky

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? — Economics Teacher, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off There once was a young graduate assistant who had the honor of teaching a biology class at a highly prestigious university. This revered university also happened to have an extremely renowned athletics program. After a few days of teaching the first class, the assistant was […]

When Blood Cries Out

“I once was Casey Anthony,” while her daughter Caylee’s blood cries out from the ground, “I know the truth.” — The Atonement This “blood crying out” mentioned in my July 2011 column entitled The Atonement referenced the first recorded murder in human history (Genesis 4) when Cain killed his brother Abel. Until now, it was the […]

Awake America Great Again

Years ago, when I first was invited to write this column, my main objective was to write about things that make people Google. This was during a new era of the information age in which social media was spreading like wildfire, bringing the ends of the earth together into one anothers’ living rooms like never […]

A Baby Was Born

Today as I pen this column, it is a Monday in every sense of the word. Nothing says “Monday” like a return to work after a holiday. They could have named it Mundane, but that would have been too nice of a word. If any ordinary Monday could be aptly defined as mundane, then surely […]

The Wranglers

The cardboard box lay open before me as I contemplated my words, scissors still in hand.  I pulled the plastic-wrapped package out carefully, not because it was breakable, but because we were about to have THE TALK. “Okay son, before I pull these pants out of the package, you need to understand one thing and […]

The Reprobate Mind of America

In what will most likely be known to historians as the last greatest friendship between a conservative and a liberal, Americans will forever memorialize the snapshot in time of Justice Antonin “Nino” Scalia and his longtime friend Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the back of an elephant waving to a nearby crowd. It is Justice Scalia’s […]

Dear GOP Establishment: You’re Fired!

While political analysts have been scratching their collective heads over the 2016 race to the White House, for the average political spectator, the fissures and fractures of a broken establishment, at least for the GOP, became glaringly apparent on the evening of President Obama’s final State of the Union. Their pick for a Republican response […]