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Brigitte Gabriel ROASTS Empty Shelves Joe Biden! [Video]

Watch Brigitte Gabriel’s response to the Washington Post OP-ED telling Americans to ‘stop whining’, and ‘to not worry about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes’. Wreaking a ‘Fundamental Change in the Economy’ Biden aims to complete Obama’s demolition of a free and prosperous America. By Lloyd Boyd, Frontpage Mag “The president wants to make fundamental change in […]

The War on America by Twisted Logic

By Janet Levy American Thinker We are living under a regime that’s increasingly totalitarian. And it is using an insidious strategy — call it disinformation, propaganda, gaslighting, indoctrination, or outright lying — to achieve the leftists’ political and social goal of a “Great Reset” of America. The regime’s enforcers, or boosters, are the media, academia, […]

VIDEO: The Media Isn’t Talking About The Americans Left Behind!

“I watched the news all morning today, and I am horrified to see very little mention of the Americans who are still in Afghanistan. This week, the last flight took off and we have thousands of Americans stranded.” Watch Brigitte in this incredible interview discussing private citizens attempting to rescue Americans left behind in Afghanistan […]

VIDEO: ‘Where are the voices calling for Impeachment?!’ Brigitte Gabriel Calls to Impeach Biden!

On Wednesday, Brigitte Gabriel spoke with Real America’s Voice on Studio 6B and blasted Biden, demanding for his impeachment: “Afghanistan is a total disaster. We have created a mess. This lays totally on the lap of Joe Biden. He needs to be impeached. This national security team needs to be fired. And it is shocking […]

VIDEO: It’s A Shameful Day for America

National Security analyst Brigitte Gabriel blasted the current Administration’s handling of the Afghan crisis: “When we have the commander of the US troops in Afghanistan say he was shocked as to how fast the Afghan army surrendered to the Taliban, goes to show you that from the top, they misjudged the situation, they did not understand the […]

VIDEO: “Wait Until The Cameras Go Home,” Brigitte Gabriel Warns About Horrifying Future in Afghanistan

In an interview, Brigitte Gabriel warned America about the true intentions behind the Taliban’s treatment of women under their jihadist regime: “Wait until the cameras go home. Wait until the West loses interest in Afghanistan. Now it’s a top story. But will it be a top story when no reporters are going to be allowed […]

How the Southern Poverty Law Center Faked an ‘Islamophobia Crisis’

How the Southern Poverty Law Center Faked an Islamophobia Crisis From Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine: Look out!  It’s another fake Islamophobia crisis. “Huge Growth in Anti-Muslim Hate Groups During 2016: SPLC Report,” wails NBC News. “Watchdog: Number of anti-Muslim hate groups tripled since 2015,” FOX News bleats. ABC News vomits up this word salad. “Trump cited in report […]

Why President Trump’s Executive Order is Vital to Protecting America

President Trump’s executive order regarding seven terror-infested countries could not be more critical to ensuring the safety of all Americans. Those who oppose this executive order do so at their own peril and that of their fellow citizens. First of all, there is no “Muslim ban,” contrary to what the fake news media would have […]