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Study: Obama’s TEVUS crime database hides BLM, ANTIFA violence and inflates white, right-wing violence

Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States (TEVUS) is a US government-funded database that tabulates violent attacks in the United States. Used by the US government and media alike, it is one of the fundamental sources of information about who is conducting violent attacks in the United States. TEVUS reporting appears to set out to cover […]

I spent decades as a covert CIA operative – this is my new mission.

An op-ed published by American Military News . As someone who spent a career in the shadowy world of intelligence, I have a deep understanding and respect for the value and importance to our national security of espionage and the intelligence community. After retiring, I now have a new mission and I want to explain […]

VIDEO: On the Shooting at Wendy’s in Atlanta

Rayshard Brooks was shot in the Wendy’s parking lot on Friday night after he scuffled with officers and ran away with one of their stun guns, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation )GBI). See the GBI press release below. Here’s my take on the shooting. PRESS RELEASE: GBI Investigates Officer Involved Shooting in Atlanta […]

VIDEO: Brennan’s Twitter miscalculation, riots and Anti-Fa supporters

In this very well timed interview, I talk about Brennan’s far leftist ideology and recent, revealing tweet suggesting he supports Anti-Fa. In light of President Trump declaring Anti-Fa a domestic terrorist organization, this puts Brennan into a very bad position. And when Trump addressed the Nation today, Brennan’s day went from bad to much worse. […]