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Jared Fogle’s Rise to Infamy

Months ago, I published an article about Indianapolis teenagers being marketed in photos posted on the Internet – months before Indianapolis native Jared Fogle‘s arrest for child pornography and sexual relations with multiple minors.  How is it that Jared, reported to be worth 15 million dollars and at the top of the national hall of […]

The Duggars Next Door

Hidden from relatives, communities, schools, and neighbors, incest is underreported, underrecognized, and often goes unpunished, leaving child victims to suffer in silence and adult survivors to manifest myriad psychosocial problems (Daie, Witztum, & Eleff, 1989). There was a time well into my middle age and decades after I had been teaching children in public and […]

Never Forget: Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin on a Palestinian State

In this updated clip, shared by Israel’s industry minister Naftali Bennet, legendary Prime Minister Menachem Begin reacts to criticism over his opposition to the creation of a Palestinian state. RELATED ARTICLES: Robert Spencer, PJM: ‘Some Real Bad Bitches’ Or Loyal Citizens of the Islamic State? Nigeria: Jihadists preach Islam at mosque, then murder 24 NYC […]

Florida: Four generations of Jewish family sued by Bradenton Condominium Association

Some things are definitely stranger than fiction and beyond imagination … but try to imagine a nine-year-old girl, barely able to read, being sued by a condominium association for the debts of her great-grandfather, deceased five years ago. If you know the Heritage Village West Condominium Association (HVW) in sunny Bradenton, Florida, perhaps you might ask […]

Protest against appearance of Alan Dershowitz at Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

Ironically, the presentation sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee on February 25, 2015, on the topic of “Global Anti-Semitism” features Alan Dershowitz, who is currently generating intense anti-Semitism relative to various Florida lawsuits centered around his relationship with convicted serial child predator, Jeffrey Epstein, whom Dershowitz chose to represent and for whom Dershowitz zealously […]

When Guardianship becomes Human Trafficking

Florida Statute Sec. 787.06 – Human Trafficking 1. (c) The [Florida State] Legislature finds that traffickers use various techniques to instill fear in victims and to keep them enslaved. Some traffickers keep their victims under lock and key. However, the most frequently used practices are less obvious techniques that include isolating victims from the public […]

Warning to my fellow Jews: Miami Beach Hate Crimes

Although they are not being classified as hate crimes, the following crimes against Jews and Jewish property are proliferating throughout Miami Beach: a Rabbi was publicly executed on the Jewish Sabbath in a Jewish neighborhood walking to synagogue at 9:00 a.m. by two Black youths on foot (August 9,2014), who were never caught; two blocks […]