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EXCLUSIVE: Mich State Dept investigates college for potential campaign finance violations

The Michigan State Department launched an investigation into Schoolcraft College over possible campaign finance violations. The investigation was prompted by an ethics complaint, filed by Michigan attorney Karen Woodside. The Michigan State Department is investigating Schoolcraft College for potential campaign finance violations after school employees allegedly used public resources for political activism. The Michigan Department […]

Student gov VP faces calls to RESIGN after political Facebook post

A student leader at Emporia State University in Kansas faced impeachment and is now facing calls to resign after using the phrase “illegal alien.” The student leader told Campus Reform on Monday that she will not cave in to those demands because she is committed to a “diverse” campus. A student leader at Emporia State […]

Student arrested, charged with battery after confrontation with College Republicans

Florida State University police arrested and charged a student who allegedly assaulted at least one College Republican at a tabling event. The student, Shelby Anne Shoup, threw her drink on at least one College Republican member and kicked over a sign. Police at a Florida university have arrested a student who allegedly assaulted at least […]

University of Denver hosts ‘White Privilege Symposium’

The University of Denver is hosting a variety of workshops as part of the annual “White Privilege Symposium.” Workshops offered include “White Accountability” and “Colored White: A Discussion On White Identity.” The University of Denver will host and sponsor the annual “White Privilege Symposium,” (WPS) which is set up to “examine patterns, cultures, and systems […]

UMich hosts anti-Israel activists two days after synagogue massacre

The University of Michigan hosted an event featuring speakers supporting divestment from Israel two days after a massacre which claimed the lives of 11 individuals at a Jewish synagogue. UMich’s College Republicans chapter demanded that the school apologize for hosting the event, but the Arabic and Islamic culture professor who hosted it called the claim […]

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: 96.1 percent of University of Texas administrators, 93.5 percent of faculty donated to Dems

A Campus Reform analysis has found that an overwhelming majority of faculty and administrators at University of Texas schools contributed financially to Democrat candidates and causes from 2017-2018. System employees donated a grand total of $642,693.43 during this time frame, 94.7 percent of which went to Democrat candidates and causes. Campus Reform analyzed the 2017-2018 political […]

NYU student senate plans Israel BDS vote … in private

New York University’s student senate will vote on an Israel Boycott, Divest, and Sanction resolution in private. The scheduled vote comes amid rising tensions between Jewish and Palestinian groups on campus. NYU student Senator-at-Large Rose Asaf tweeted that student senators would propose a Boycott, Divest, and Sanction resolution (BDS) against the state of Israel at the university […]

Harvard Law course looks at ways to ‘push back against’ Trump strategies

A spring 2019 Harvard Law course description asserts that Sen. Mitch McConnell, President Donald Trump, and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh present “challenges for democracy under law, for human rights, and for fact-based government.” The course will allegedly “explore ways of using constitutional law and politics to push back against those strategies.” A course offered […]

EXCLUSIVE: Radio host speaks out after PSU says he can’t concealed carry

Portland State University’s College Republicans chapter invited conservative radio host, Lars Larson, to speak at the university. The university demanded that Larson, a Second Amendment advocate, state that he would not concealed carry on campus. Conservative radio host Lars Larson compared campus gun culture to National Lampoon in an exclusive interview with Campus Reform after Portland State University told […]

Professor lectures about ‘honorary whites’

Amherst American Studies professor Pawan H. Dhingra lectured on the belief that there are three racial categories: whites, “honorary whites,” and “collective blacks.” The City University of New York Graduate Center insists that it “promote[s] serious learning and reasoned debate.” The City University of New York Graduate Center hosted a lecture on Friday analyzing minority […]

VIDEO: Beto O’Rourke supporters can’t name any of his accomplishments

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips traveled to Texas A&M University to ask students there who they would vote for in the Texas Senate race if the election were held that day: Sen. Ted Cruz or Beto O’Rourke. Most of the students with whom Phillips spoke said they would support O’Rourke, but those same students could not […]

NYU hosts Marx birthday bash…during the wrong month

NYU is scheduled to host a two-week “festival” to mark communist philosopher Karl Marx’s 200th birthday. Marx was born in May, but the school is hosting the commemoration months later. The event will include a “dance party,” a professor-led lecture on “racial capitalism,” and a performance highlighting socialism. New York University is hosting a two-week […]

UMaine ‘bars’ prof who set up anti-Kavanaugh DC trip (Update)

Update: The University of Southern Maine “barred” the professor who promoted and organized an anti-Kavanaugh pop-up course. University of Southern Maine diversity and inclusive programming coordinator Gabriel Demaine floated the idea of offering a free credit to students who join “social justice organizations” in meeting with Republican Sen. Susan Collins. Collins was a swing vote […]

University of Chicago pres. slams ‘privileging of feelings’

Robert Zimmer, president of the University of Chicago, defended his school’s approach to free speech to the City Club of Cleveland. He bashed those whom he says inhibit speech out of “self-righteous, moral, or political indignation, an agenda driven by such moral or political views, and comfort.” The University of Chicago president defended his school’s […]