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What Is Really Behind The Climate Agenda?

Noah Harari, a futurist advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF), told the forum that they must become the majority and leave the rest behind. He was saying we don’t need regular folks. We don’t need carpenters, plumbers, hairdressers, mechanics automobile workers, farmers and ranchers. They are all lesser lights. What we want to accomplish […]

Left-Wing ‘Green’ Energy Proves Useless

Europe’s attempted transition to so-called “Green” energy has been a massive fail. Wind and solar have proven too inefficient and unreliable to meet the continent’s needs, leaving it dependent on fossil fuels from, of all places, Russia. Now, with Russian supplies partially cut off, Europe faces what French President Macron called, “the end of abundance.” The folks […]

Biden and Manchin Building America Backward

Say it ain’t so, Joes! In 2010, when it looked like Senator Manchin could lose reelection to Republican John Raese, Manchin released a famous ad in which he literally shoots a hole in a climate cap and trade bill. Watch: Dead Aim.  As a Senator from the energy producing state of West Virginia, he […]

Court Blocks Pennsylvania’s Carbon Pricing Scheme

“Don’t let activists who believe that putting Pennsylvanians out of work will help ‘save the planet.’ It’s time to confront the wannabe planet savers here in this room and this state and tell them not only NO, but HELL NO.” That’s what CFACT’s Marc Morano declared before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives when Governor Tom […]

Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas—Not Less

Today’s pervasive claims of imminent climate catastrophe and imminent renewable energy dominance, Epstein shows, are based on what he calls the “anti-impact framework”—a set of faulty methods, false assumptions, and anti-human values that have caused the media’s designated experts to make wildly wrong predictions about fossil fuels, climate, and renewables for the last 50 years. […]

Backup Battery Cost Fantasies Abound

The only technologically feasible way to make renewables reliable at in the foreseeable future is with massive amounts of grid scale batteries. Whether this is even remotely feasible depends on the cost and here things get truly strange. On the one hand we have real utility reports of the capital cost of these big battery […]

Silence of the power engineers? NERC does nothing!

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, or NERC for short (rhymes with jerk), recently released a report warning of likely blackouts across much of America this summer. The report got lots of publicity, including this piece flagged by our own Climate Depot, titled “Report: Deadly Summer Blackouts Inevitable As Renewables Struggle To Replace Reliable Energy”, […]

Biden’s Rollback of NEPA Reforms May Haunt Green Energy Projects

In a long-expected move, the Biden administration on April 19 restored federal regulations requiring rigorous environmental reviews of proposed major infrastructure projects, undoing policies of the Trump White House aimed at streamlining the process laid out in the 1970 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The NEPA process was notorious for its red tape and litigation, […]

Global Warming: The Great Deception

A new book is now available titled “Global Warming: The Great Deception.” The book askes the key question: Why do the U.N. and certain politicians in the U.S. and Western Europe continue to promote the fraudulent global warming hypothesis? The answer is: With regards to the U.N., it is all about the money – money for […]

7th Grade Science Should Not Include Climate Indoctrination

In my last article I exposed the outrageously alarmist 7th grade lessons on climate change just published under the so-called Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). There are now two fundamentally different systems of science education in American schools. The radical NGSS have been adopted by 20 States and so govern what about a third of our children […]

NEWSMAX TV to Broadcast Climate Hustle 2

It is finally arriving. Grab the popcorn, gather your family. It will be a Mother’s Day to climatologically remember! The climate change debate is set to be rocked as CFACT’s skeptical film, Climate Hustle 2: The Rise of the Climate Monarchy, hosted by actor Kevin Sorbo, is set for it’s global broadcast release on Mother’s Day, May […]

Woke investors threaten the West’s security

Since Russia attacked Ukraine two months ago, Western governments have been learning the hard way about the critical importance of energy to their national security. Germany’s 20-year, trillion-dollar “Energiewende” (Energy Transformation) has made its economy totally dependent on supplies of Russian natural gas and paralyzed its response to Russian aggression. French president Emmanuel Macron faces a tougher […]

VIDEO: Biden Irresponsibly Taps Strategic Petroleum Reserve

 President Biden announced that he will tap into America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) and will consume one third of it in an attempt to control rising gas prices. This is as irresponsible as it is dangerous. Following the Arab oil embargo of the 1970’s, the SPR was built in salt caverns in Texas and […]