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Are Education Bureaucrats Putin’s Greatest Ally?

The Biden Administration is about to roll out new science education standards that introduce the concept of climate change at a much younger grade level and expand on the subject throughout middle and high school. The new standards, which have already been adopted by over half of the states (but not Texas), include plans for fifth graders […]

Net-Zero and ESG are Worsening the Energy Crisis – and Weakening the West

The day after President Biden announced that the United States would ban imports of Russian oil and gas, a group of eleven powerful European investment funds that includes Amundi, Europe’s largest asset manager, outlined plans to force Credit Suisse, Switzerland’s second largest bank, to cut its lending to oil and gas companies. The juxtaposition of these two events dramatizes […]

VIDEO: Sometimes Conservation is a Bear

How do we find the best solutions for both bears, and people too? That’s what Gabriella Hoffman set off to find out on the latest episode of CFACT’s Conservation Nation series. Hoffman traveled to Montana and Wyoming to interview stakeholders and find out what’s really going on with Grizzly and Black Bear conservation. Watch the […]

Deadly Incompetence

Incompetence destroys. Weakness kills. The disastrous debacle in Afghanistan signaled to Vladimir Putin that  the time to strike is while Joe Biden is in charge. Just yesterday, Biden blinked and declined Poland’s offer of fighter jets, leaving Ukraine struggling to defend its skies as equipment runs short. Biden continually tells Putin what America will not […]

Defeat Tyrants With Energy Independence

UPDATE: Candidate for the U.S. Senate Carla Sands, “Make America Energy Dominant Again.” Former U.S. Ambassador and current Pennsylvania candidate in Pennsylvania Carla Sands calls for strong America first leaders to rise up and take back the country from the radical left. They said it couldn’t be done.  Then we did it. Energy independence! Then […]

CFACT Resupplies Canada’s Freedom Truckers

Things are getting a bit hairy in the Great White North. Last weekend, a Canadian judge issued an injunction blocking monies being sent to assist the trucker protest in Ottawa collected by a Christian fundraising site GiveSendGo. The site was subsequently hacked and donor information was compromised, leading many to fear the government will now use this […]

BMW Putting The Brakes On Their All Electric Vehicle folly

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has a two-word message for those demanding an all-electric vehicle fleet and the outlawing of internal combustion engines. “Slow Down!” We would add three more. End. The. Mandates. Zipse, noting that IC engines power the large majority of vehicles on the road today, says that ditching them willy-nilly will not have a positive […]

‘Clean’ Energy Is Dirtier Than Imagined

The effect of wind power on birds and bats is already well-publicized but is being swept under the rug. This article will explain why using wind and PV solar for generating electricity will cause greater harm to the environment than will using nuclear, natural gas combined cycle (NGCC), or coal-fired power plants. The following chart, […]

CFACT Blasts Virginia’s ‘Clean’ Economy Act Blunder With Facts

CFACT called for action and you answered! On Tuesday I delivered CFACT’s testimony regarding a bill that would roll back the “Virginia Clean Economy Act” (VCEA) — an aggressive renewable energy initiative that is both an environmental and energy disaster. CFACT”s friends and supporters used the Virginia House of Delegates legislative portal to submit well […]

TAKE ACTION: Tell Lawmakers the Virginia ‘Clean’ Economy Act is a Dangerous Mistake No One Can Afford

Make your comment right now and help Virginia end the foolish VCEA. In 2020, the Democrats in Virginia railroaded through a piece of radical climate legislation called the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA). Its goal was to reduce the Commonwealth’s carbon emissions to zero by 2045 and would achieve its ends by bulldozing large amounts […]

CFACT Collegians Make The Grade For Liberty, Mid-Term Grade A+

It’s winter break for many of CFACT’s Collegians activists, and so it is time to take a peek at their “mid-term grade” for the year. We’re happy to report that CFACT’s student leaders have earned an A+ for their great efforts! Of course, at CFACT, we do not lightly award such grades – our standards […]

Virginia Leads the Way Up from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Energy ideology is one thing.  Energy reality, another. Just ask the motorists who spent a night stranded on I-95 in Virginia this week when winter dropped some epic snow if they’d rather have spent the night in an electric car. Virginia foolishly joined eleven other states in a “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative” which dramatically raised […]

Coal Hit Record Highs in 2021

China and India drive coal to record highs. Reports of the death of coal are, to quote Mark Twain, “greatly exaggerated.” In fact, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reveals that coal is having its best year ever, propelled by insatiable demand from China and India. Read the IEA’s full “Coal 2021” report at CFACT.org. Here […]