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Kamala Starting To Crack

It seems Kamala’s perpetual smile and giddy laughter is becoming less and less these days.  Maybe it was those Guatemalan’s holding banners saying , Trump won, go home.  I’m not even sure this is true, seeing as though there was no mention of that in your paper.  So, I’m assuming it never happened , seeing […]

Kamala’s Dilemma

I am here to reach out to The New York Times, and especially to their executive editor Dean Baquet, to get their input on Kamala’s historic trip to Guatemala. After putting on her diplomatic genius for all the world to see, she is being bombarded with criticism, some of it from her own party. I […]

Fauci Conspiracy??????????????

Wow, it seems the radical right is attacking the integrity and honesty of the esteemed “Dr” Fauci. The right is now claiming the good doctor has a slew of e-mails suggesting that there was a good possibility that the China virus was manufactured in a Wuhan lab. This just can’t be true, can it Deano? […]

Protecting Joey

I am here to address the accusations being hurled by the Radical Right against the man currently occupying the White House, Joey Biden. For most of the six-or-so months since his election, I have been sending daily e-mails to a number of employees at that bastion of unbiased reporting, The New York Times. They include the […]