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Dear NYT’s Executive Editor Joe Kahn: We Need More ‘INSURRECTION’ Coverage!

Good day Joey Kahn, I trust you are settling into your new position as the Executive Editor at the iconic New York Times. I see you have picked up right where Deano Baquet left off, with the highly moral, and honest reporting that The Times is legendary for. While the installed leader Joey Robinette has […]

New York Times and Gun Control

TO: Joe Kahn Managing Editor New York Times Good morning Joey, I hope today finds you well. May I say, a job well done with today’s headlines. Not a mention of the great unifier (sans Barack Hussein) Beijing Biden…..again! I think your grasp of deflection/omission is absolutely fantastic. Deano (highly moral journalist) the former Executor […]

Great Start Joey!

  TO:   Joe Kahn Executive Editor New York Times Good Saturday morning Joey, It looks like you are keeping the legacy of Deano Baquet (highly respected journalist), alive and well.  It looks like you are going to fit into the job as top propagandist, sorry I mean Executive Editor at Pravda. Of course, I’m referring […]

Goodbye Deano!

Dear Deano, I wanted to get one last open letter to you before you hand over the reigns of Executive Editor of your tabloid The NY Times, this June,  to Joey Kahn.  It has been an absolute pleasure corresponding with you over the last couple of years.   It has also been a pleasure corresponding with […]

Joseph Robinette ‘Joey’ Biden Jr. : Master Strategist or Incompetent Buffoon

Good day Dean “Deano” Baquet, Executive Editor of the New York Times, I hope today finds you well over at your desk at esteemed NY Times.  There certainly is a lot in the news these days, huh sport?  There seems to be quite the contrast in the news coverage though, even more than usual.  We […]

Joseph “Joey” Robinette Biden Jr. a Foreign Affairs Expert?

How goes it this morning Deano, old sport?  I hope today finds you, the lovely Dylan and young Ari well.  So much going on already this morning. Joey, the Great Negotiator Yet, there is a new scenario developing in regards to the Russia/Ukraine border standoff.  After the Harris administrations numerous (erroneous) Russian invasion dates, we […]