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Joseph “Joey” Robinette Biden Jr. a Foreign Affairs Expert?

How goes it this morning Deano, old sport?  I hope today finds you, the lovely Dylan and young Ari well.  So much going on already this morning. Joey, the Great Negotiator Yet, there is a new scenario developing in regards to the Russia/Ukraine border standoff.  After the Harris administrations numerous (erroneous) Russian invasion dates, we […]

Dear New York Times Editor Dean Baquet: Why Such Negativity!

Good day Dean “Deano” Baquet, I hope today finds you well, at your desk as the Executive Editor of the acclaimed New York Times.  We haven’t spoken in a while, so I thought we could touch on a few of Joey’s and his stellar administration’s recent accomplishments.  Frankly, it is tough to keep up with […]

Dear Jimmy Bob Acosta RE: Your article on President Trump’s lying?

Good day Jimmy Bob Acosta and CNN staff, I would just like to congratulate Jimmy Bob Acosta on his Pulitzer Prize winning article regarding elected President Trump’s lying.  The one titled, Drowning in Lies: Trump and his allies.  What a fair, unbiased, even-keeled article by Ole Bob.  But, I guess that has always been his […]