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Joey’s New Digs

Well it seems that Joey is now doing his live (with enlarged teleprompter, of course,) speeches in a duplicate oval office across the way from the authentic Oval Office.  It comes with some nice scenery of the fake rose garden in the background, with lovely children’s desks for Joey and his sometime guests.  I’m pretty […]

Joey’s Beach Getaway

Good day Deano, I hope today finds you well, over there as the Executive Editor at the NYTimes. Well it has been another banner week or so for the Harris/Biden administration. The hits just keep on coming for what is being called, possibly, the greatest installed Presidency in history. I ask, is there anything this […]

Kamala Found!

I hope today finds you well, overseeing all the news, that is fit to print over at The NY Times.   The news seems to be nonstop these days with human dynamo Joey at the helm.  Successful policy, after successful policy by Ole Joe and his crackerjack crew…..well, maybe successful isn’t exactly the right word. HARRIS/BIDEN […]

A National Disgrace

I am trying to wrap my head about what has transpired over the last month or so, in regards to the withdrawal/collapse in Afghanistan. While I usually defer to the bastions of fair, unbiased reporting such as The Times, or CNN….I just don’t know if I can in this case. MILITARY DEBACLE You see the […]

President Joey Talibiden

It seems that the Afghanistan debacle seems to be at the forefront of Joey’s agenda this week. That and grade school children wearing masks to school that is. The latter is where Joey is focusing most of his energy these days. Well, we all know Joey’s uncanny ability to multitask, but when he has a […]

The New York Times’ Integrity In Reporting

VIRUS QUANDARY I hope today finds you well.  It sure has been a busy summer so far.  Were you able to make it to Barack Hussein’s, for his birthday gala?  I believe all guests were given dispensation from the revered “Dr.” Fauci, as far as mask mandates were concerned.  I believe the term “sophisticated vaccinated […]

Andy and Nancy

My, it has been a very busy time in the world of politics lately. I had been meaning to write you earlier, but you know how it is, with all these summer activities. Actually, I’m holding out for a last minute invite to Barack Hussein’s 60th birthday gala. I figured I could go green and […]

Bravo New York Times!

What a fantastic headline today, at the Old Gray Lady. The Trump tax evasion scandal, way to grab on to what is the essential news going on in America right now. Pulitzer Prize worthy actually. I mean after all the millions spent on the investigation, to come up with the CFO, not claiming fringe benefits […]

Kamala, Decision Maker?

I hope today finds you well. Well, the Harris administration has finally silenced the radical right with Kamala’s historic trip down to the border. There she was at the epicenter of the border catastrophe down in El Paso. Her presence for approximately 90 minutes quelled all the issues she has been avoiding, I mean investigating, […]

Kamala Starting To Crack

It seems Kamala’s perpetual smile and giddy laughter is becoming less and less these days.  Maybe it was those Guatemalan’s holding banners saying , Trump won, go home.  I’m not even sure this is true, seeing as though there was no mention of that in your paper.  So, I’m assuming it never happened , seeing […]

Kamala’s Dilemma

I am here to reach out to The New York Times, and especially to their executive editor Dean Baquet, to get their input on Kamala’s historic trip to Guatemala. After putting on her diplomatic genius for all the world to see, she is being bombarded with criticism, some of it from her own party. I […]

Fauci Conspiracy??????????????

Wow, it seems the radical right is attacking the integrity and honesty of the esteemed “Dr” Fauci. The right is now claiming the good doctor has a slew of e-mails suggesting that there was a good possibility that the China virus was manufactured in a Wuhan lab. This just can’t be true, can it Deano? […]