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Obama’s San Bernardino Speech – The Missing Link

U.S. President Barack Obama’s December 6 speech contained few surprises and, on many points, he said the right things. He mentioned the “I” word, admitting there is a perversion of Islam out there that resulted in last week’s San Bernardino massacre. The president repeated his refrain about aerial strikes against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), which […]

California Shooting: The Debate Starts Here

With the investigation of the California shooting in its primary stages, what we do know about this horrific attack is that it was highly planned. The shooters were prepared: in dress — they donned “assault-style clothing” (described as dark, tactical garments) and body armor; with weapons — they chose AK-47 Kalashnikov semi-automatic rifles (or the […]

VIDEO: Democratic Party TV Ad Objects to Use of Term ‘Radical Islam’

A new ad by the Democratic National Committee strikes out at Republican presidential candidates for using the term “radical Islam,” saying that using the term is “equating Islam, all Muslims, with terrorists.” In the ad, the DNC also objects the use of the terms “radical Islamic terrorism,” “radical Muslims” and “radical Islamic jihadists” by Republican […]

After Paris, National Security Issues Lead Democratic Debate

The format of the Democratic debate was altered at the last minute to give each candidate time to give a statement about the Paris terror attacks at the beginning of the debate. Speaking first, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said that, “Together, leading the world, this country will rid our planet of this barbarous organization called […]

GOP Debate: No-Fly Zones, Military Spending, Confronting Putin

Military spending, the implementation of a no-fly zone over Syria and policy towards Russia were hot topics at the November 10th Republican presidential debate. The following is a summary of what each candidate said in regards to national security, as well as Lindsey Graham who was denied participation but commented online. Donald Trump Trump stood out […]

Democrat Candidates: Wide Differences on Islamist Terror by Ryan Mauro

The remaining three Democratic presidential candidates participated in a forum with MSNBC last Friday and it exposed very important divisions within the party about the sources of Islamist terrorism. One side sees it as an ideological battle and the other sees it as a repercussion of Muslim grievances against American policy. Senator Bernie Sanders described […]

CNBC’s GOP Debate Mute About National Security by Ryan Mauro

Foreign policy and national security was disappointingly absent from last night’s Republican presidential debate. The event focused on financial issues because it was hosted by the CNBC business news channel, but the economy is intertwined with important debates about foreign policy, energy independence and global instability.  At one point, an incredulous Gov. Chris Christie mocked […]

Muslims Berate Trump for Support of Closing Extremist Mosques by Ryan Mauro

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that is banned in the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist group, is condemning Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for supporting the closing of extremist mosques that are “loaded for bear.” Trump’s comment came when asked about a British plan to shut down mosques that […]

Tennessee: Teaching Islam in Public Schools

A Tennessee lawmaker has introduced a bill into the state legislature to prevent courses containing “religious doctrine” from being taught before tenth grade. The bill is in reaction to objections by parents to a three-week curriculum under the topic of world religion for middle-school students that covers the “Five Pillars of Islam.” The bill is […]

Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Targeted by Islamic State

One of the U.S. Navy Seals who killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has received personalized death threats from an Islamic State supporter. Former marine Rob O’Neill had his address in Butte, Montana posted online by an Islamic State-affiliated Twitter account with the hashtag #RunRobertRun. Undersheriff George Skuletich of the Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department told media […]

Getting Personal: Iran’s Latest Video Against the U.S.

As Senate Democrats continue to filibuster a vote on the Iran deal, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released an agitprop video (see below) threatening the U.S. if it attacks the Islamic Republic. Calling America “invading” and “criminal,” the video portrays a confident Iran on the brink of world favor and economic revival. One can only […]

GOP Debate: Winners and Losers on National Security by Ryan Mauro

American voters’ concern about Islamist extremism is at the highest level since 2002, with 66% of Republicans, 56% of Independents and 48% of Democrats describing it as a “critical threat.” National security is a major issue that received significant attention at last night’s Republican presidential debate. The following is Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan […]