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Leaked FBI Docs Show 7,700 Terrorist Encounters Last Year

Documents obtained by Breitbart-Texas logged 7,712 encounters between law enforcement and “known or suspected terrorists” in the US. Documents leaked from the FBI’s Terror Screening Center and obtained by Breitbart-Texas show that between July 20, 2015 and July 20, 2016, law-enforcement operatives had 7,712 encounters with known or suspected terrorists. What criteria the FBI use […]

Why Won’t The Press Call the NY Bomber An Islamist Terrorist?

Certain sections of the media have been reticent to identify Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Muslim identity in their coverage of his attack. New York bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, who stands accused of setting a pressure cooker bomb in Chelsea which injured 29 people on Saturday, has been charged in a criminal complaint. Rahami was arrested after […]

The German Anti-immigrant AFD Party Thrashes Merkel’s CDU

The anti-immigrant AFD pushed the Christian Democratic Union into third place in elections in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home state. The right wing “Alternative Fuer Deutschland” party (AFD) thrashed the ruling Christian Democratic Union party (CDU), putting them in third place in the regional elections held in German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on […]

U.S. Homeland Security Chief at Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Conference

Jeh Johnson spoke at the annual Islamic Society of America event telling participants, ‘Your story is the quintessential American story.’ Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke at the annual Islamic Society of America (ISNA) conference over the weekend, in what the Washington Post called an “impassioned speech” to empower ISNA’s participants. ISNA is a group […]

VIDEO: Top 10 Innocent Women Who Were Executed in Iran

A Glazov Gang Production. On this episode of the Top 10, Anni Cyrus talks about 10 Innocent Women Who Were Executed in Islamic Republic of Iran. RELATED ARTICLES: ‘Iran Exempted from Nuke Deal Conditions to meet deadline Wyoming Group Holds Rally Against Islam Hundreds of Instagram, WhatsApp Users Arrested in Iran Iran: No Range Limit […]

#AllahuAkbarSyndrome – When Terror Attacks Have ‘No Motive’

Social media users are resorting to humor to describe stabbing attacks where the attacker shouts “Allahu Akbar,” but police say the motive is unknown. How do you describe an attack in which a person shouts “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before attacking someone? Especially if the police go on to say they do not know […]

Czech President Calls for Total Ban on Migrants tells Citizens to Arm Themselves

President Milos Zeman also called for the Czech citizenry to be armed and for those who already own weapons legally to carry them in public. The president of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman has urged his country to seal the borders to all refugees in an effort to protect the Czech Republic from Islamist terrorism. […]

VIDEO: Brazil Arrests ‘Defenders of the Shariah’ Terror Cell Ahead of Olympic Games

Cooperating with the U.S. Brazil beefs up counter-terror forces after police arrested an ‘amateur’ cell of 12 terrorists planning an attack. Brazil has enhanced its security cooperation on counter-terrorism with the United States ahead of the Olympic Games, which begin in Rio de Janeiro Friday, August 5. Brazilian police have been training alongside the FBI and […]

Egypt: Have Sex With Me Or I Won’t Give You an Abortion

Egyptian doctors are willing to perform illegal abortions for a heavy price. Three women spoke to Deutsche Welle Arabic about their experiences. Because of the traditions and the laws that prevent sexual relations outside of the framework of marriage, some Egyptian women have sex secretly and some become pregnant. The solution can be either an […]

U.S. Muslim Supremacist Group Wants You To Stop Saying ‘Jihadist’

The head of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) tweeted after the Nice attack #Don’tCallTerroristsJihadists The executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has called on Americans to cease calling terrorists “jihadists.” The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has a history of Islamist extremism including links to Hamas and the Muslim […]

Declassified Pages Link Muslim Brotherhood to 9/11 Network

Muslim Brotherhood — including Hamas — were part of the Saudi-linked Islamist network in America that assisted the 9/11 hijackers. The recently-declassified 28 pages from the official U.S. report on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks implicates the Muslim Brotherhood — including Hamas — as being part of the Saudi-linked Islamist network in America that […]

Giuliani at RNC: ‘We Must Not Be Afraid to Define Our Enemy’

Failure to call Islamist terror by name, he said, is ‘why our enemies see us as weak and vulnerable’ and ‘maligns decent Muslims around the world.’ Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was one of the kick-off speakers at the Republican convention which began Monday in Cleveland. Following the theme of the first night […]

U.S. Backed Syrian Rebel Group Beheads Child

Syrian rebel fighters from the US-backed rebel group Nour-al-din el-Zanki have beheaded a child thought to be 11-13 in a shocking video. US-backed Syrian rebels, screaming “Allahu Akbar,”  brutally beheaded a child named Abdullah Issa. The shocking clip shows fighters from Nour-al-din el-Zanki telling the camera, “These are the prisoners from Liwa al-Quds (Jerusalem Brigade […]

Islamic Supremacists Object to Billboards calling on Muslims to Report Suspicious Behavior

Billboards placed by a Pakistani organization urging Muslims to report suspicious activity are being attacked by CAIR and other Islamic Organizations. Billboards placed in suburban Chicago by an American Pakistani organization urging Muslims to report suspicious activity are being attacked by CAIR and other Islamic Organizations. The billboards read: “Muslims to Muslims: See Something. Say […]