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VIDEO: Hillary is Satan’s mop for wiping up the last remaining resistance to him in America

Hillary Clinton is evil. There is no other way to say the reality. She is evil. Hillary is Satan’s mop for wiping up the last remaining resistance to him in America. TRANSCRIPT Hillary Clinton is evil. There is no other way to say the reality. She is evil. Archbishop Fulton Sheen made the perfect distinction […]

Gays and Muslims: How will liberals deal with Muslims killing gays? [Video]

The Vortex talks about Orlando, Gays, Liberals and Muslims. Message: The Catholic Church wants to save gays from Hell. Islam wants to send gays to Hell. TRANSCRIPT All the victims at the gay nightclub who were murdered over the weekend need our prayers. Fifty people, 50-plus souls were on the scene, and the very next moment, […]

VIDEO: Taking the wraps off ‘the Resistance’

It has become very apparent to us here at our little apostolate that something is terribly wrong in the Church. We are not alone. Quite a number have preceded us; others are arriving at the same conclusion. That something is terribly amiss shouldn’t be a source of despair. The Church has lived through disastrous times in the […]

VIDEO: Margaret Sanger — A demonic voice pushes for birth control

It should come as no surprise that abortion and contraception are from Hell. But something almost no one knows is the demonic presence testified to by one of the world’s leading contraception proponents back in the earliest days of the movement. Marie Stopes was to England what Margaret Sanger was to the United States — a […]

VIDEO: Catholic and Republican

It’s a good thing for many Church leaders that there isn’t a bishops’ primary going on right now. As the primary season continues to play out, the sense of outrage continues to increase. The burning cause of all this anger is the sense of betrayal felt by authentic Republicans — and by “authentic,” we mean […]

VIDEO: The Pill Kills — Contraception is Destroying the Faith

TRANSCRIPT:  The birth control pill, since being approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, has become the weapon of choice against conception. Among American women who use contraceptives, 28 percent use the Pill — the single most popular form. And when you drill down into the numbers, American Catholic women — they use the Pill […]

VIDEO: New York Doubles — The Catholic Homosexual Mafia?

Michael Voris sits down with a high-ranking source in the archdiocese of New York to get exclusive behind-the-scenes information on what really goes on with Cdl. Timothy Dolan and the alleged homosexual mafia that reportedly runs the archdiocese. TRANSCRIPT A couple of weeks ago, Church Militant reached out to the archdiocese of New York to […]

Obama and liberal bishops need to keep their hands off Africa

TRANSCRIPT Africa could be termed the last battleground of the Church. It is the only significant place the Church is seeing any growth. Close to 200 million Catholics inhabit the so-called Dark Continent, a term given in derision by colonial powers. The term was a reference to a claim that Africans were backward savages in great need […]

VIDEO: Ideological Colonization

Michael Voris welcomes special guest, His Excellency Bp. Anthony Borwah, to discuss current issues facing African Catholics. Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.org also joins the show as a guest. EDITORS NOTE: Originally published at ChurchMilitant.com. Watch “The Download” Every Week, Monday-Friday. Click here for Church Militant Premium—Start your 15-day Free Trial.