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VIDEO: The Vortex — Civil War! Getting Closer and Closer!

 TRANSCRIPT An increasing number of Americans believe the likelihood of a civil war is growing. Over the past two years, the number saying they think a civil is anywhere from possible to likely has increased to 31%, with 40% of Republicans agreeing. There is no doubt there is a massive polarization in the country, and it’s […]

VIDEO: The Vortex — Failed Manhood

 TRANSCRIPT The prevailing problem in America today, as well as in the Church — the root cause — is failed manhood. The tentacles of this problem have reached into every aspect of life — economic, psychological, emotional, spiritual. No area of the human experience has been left un-devastated by it. On the cultural level, failed manhood is manifested in […]

VIDEO: Catholic Priest asks Bishops to Lift Clerical Speech Restrictions

PAVONE DEMANDS ACTION  A pro-life priest is begging the United States’ bishops to lift their restrictions on clerical, political speech. On Thursday, Fr. Frank Pavone wrote an open letter to the U.S. Catholic hierarchy, asking them to either act — or permit the clergy to act — in the upcoming election. Father Pavone told Church Militant that […]

SPECIAL VIDEO REPORT: The Truth Behind BLM — Pushing LGBT, Marxism, abortion!

People around the world have rallied under the Black Lives Matter banner, believing it’s about racial equality. But in fact, its true agenda is far more sinister. Even more disturbing is the way Catholic clergy are seeking to find common cause with this movement. WATCH: Special Report: The Truth Behind BLM  VIDEO BY: Christine Niles […]

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: ‘Black Lives Matter’ [Video]

DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) – Planned Parenthood (PP) is the newest vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, despite the cognitive dissonance involved. The abortion giant has demonstrated no regard for human lives in general and black lives in particular. At least two Planned Parenthood affiliates in different regions of the country are now publicly backing Black Lives Matter. Yet racial […]

VIDEO: The Vortex — Take Their Money, Mr. President. Choke ’em off.

 TRANSCRIPT The whole Washington, D.C. establishment (a.k.a., “the Swamp”) has gone completely in publicly to ensure President Trump does not remain president. General Colin Powell over the weekend added his voice to a growing chorus of Trump-haters within the Swamp to say he will not vote for Trump. By the way, he added in an interview that he […]

Legal Challenge to No-Fault Divorce

LINCOLN, Neb. (ChurchMilitant.com) – After five decades of legality, so-called no-fault divorce — in which the dissolution of a marriage does not require the showing of wrongdoing by either party — is being challenged in court. On Sept. 3, 2020, Attorney Bob Sullivan will appear on behalf of his client before the Nebraska Supreme Court to discuss the appeal he made against […]

VIDEO: The Vortex — A ‘Terrorist Organization’

 TRANSCRIPT A wave of anti-police sentiment is being pushed around the country by Marxist Democrats, including Joe Biden. The hate for police — a type of hate which is apparently okay because the Marxists give that hate their seal of approval — is being backed by not just Antifa, but also some backers of Black Lives Matter. […]

VIDEO: The Vortex — Trump and the Tech Tyrants

 TRANSCRIPT Late last Thursday afternoon, President Donald Trump took a step that is emboldening conservatives everywhere. He finally struck out at giant tech and called them out for what they are — political censors. Ever since his 2016 victory, the social media arm of the Marxist media has turned near-violent against Trump specifically and conservatives in general, […]

Attack On Homeschooling

Since 1999, homeschooling enrollment has tripled, and this trend is only showing signs of continued growth. Although today’s 2.5 million homeschoolers may not seem like a large number, it’s a remarkable figure considering that American homeschooling has only been legal in all 50 states since 1993. On this week’s Mic’d Up, Michael Voris interviews Corey DeAngelis, director of school choice […]

Biden ‘Paternalistic’ and ‘Bigoted’, Says Black Leader

WASHINGTON (ChurchMilitant.com) – In the wake of Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment currently going viral on social media, a black leader claims the former vice president has done nothing for the African-American community other than “lock them up.” Former CNN commentator and now senior communications advisor for Black Media Affairs under President Trump, Paris Dennard […]

VIDEO: The Vortex — What Are We Learning? Actually, a lot.

 TRANSCRIPT So amidst all the precautions and closures and end-of-the-world-type hysteria, what have we learned, or what are we in fact learning? Well, actually a lot. Much in fact is being exposed — really exposed — politically, culturally and ecclesiastically. Politically, however deep any of us thought the swamp was, we have learned that we […]