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Someone Should Remind Biden of Iran’s Tyranny

The heads of state and government from most of the UN’s 193 member states gathered last week at the organization’s famous New York City building to attend the 77th UN General Assembly. One of the attendees, whose presence was questionable and was objected to, was the ultraconservative President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran. Ironically, he was […]

Abbott declares Mexican cartels “terrorist groups”

Earlier this week, Texas Governor Gregg declared two major Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations and laid out further steps for taking action against the deadly criminal enterprises. Abbott issued Executive Order GA-42, which spells out that the Sinaloa Cartel, and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel are to be designated as terrorist groups and paves […]

The FBI Ungrounded

The once-venerated Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which prided itself on being a field-driven law enforcement agency, has increasingly become centralized political police. A whistleblower recently warned the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI’s powerful Washington Field Office (WFO) was directing agents in field offices where alleged J6 participants resided to open cases, only to have the […]

Why Do We Tolerate Communism?

National Socialism, better known as Nazism, is a totalitarian ideology responsible for the murder of over 17 million people between 1933 and 1945, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. That’s a figure which does not include the Allied troops who fought and died to defeat Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Having been defeated, there is next […]

New Hampshire Can Blaze The Trail To Plentiful Carbon-Free Energy

As energy prices continue to crush families and businesses, the future looks bleak for northern New England and its heavy reliance on carbon-belching fossil fuels. But there’s a bright spot up ahead. This summer, Governor Chris Sununu signed into law House Bill 543, an act “establishing a commission to study nuclear power and nuclear reactor technology […]

In Protecting The KGB, Gorbachev Laid the Foundation for Putin’s Gangster-State

The notorious KGB chairman Yuri Andropov recruited Mikhail Gorbachev, cultivated him, and placed him in the Kremlin leadership to ultimately take power. Once he led the Soviet Communist Party, Andropov’s recruit protected and rewarded the Soviet secret police by making it off-limits to any truth-telling, accountability, or reform. Gorbachev has died, but the KGB that […]

60 Minutes Highlights Vulnerabilities of the Electric Grid and Biden Administration Inaction

 “No one is in charge” of protecting America’s electrical grid, Biden Homeland Security Advisor Dr. Liz Sherwood-Randall told CBS News’ 60 Minutes, during a recent short segment regarding the vulnerability of America’s most critical of critical infrastructures. Sherwood-Randall added that the federal government has no ability to mandate utility companies implement security improvements to the […]

The Fauci Rorschach Test

Tony Fauci’s announcement yesterday that he would finally step down from a public health post that he has parlayed over thirty-eight years into one of the most powerful – and the highest compensated – in the federal administrative state is a kind of Rorschach test. Those who have seen Dr. Fauci as the heroic scientist […]

Biden’s Handlers Released 324 Unvetted Afghan Evacuees on Terror Watchlist into the U.S.

Biden’s catastrophically botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was bad enough in itself, diminishing America’s standing in the world and projecting an image of weakness that has encouraged and emboldened enemies of our nation worldwide. The fallout from it, however, could be incalculably worse. A Defense Department (DoD) whistleblower has revealed that 324 of the Afghans whom U.S. forces brought to the United States as […]

For the rule of law to reign, the Bureau must be destroyed

The FBI cannot be saved. It must be rendered into component parts and distributed to the four winds. From the time I was 7-years-old until I was about 20, I was in love with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In second grade, while other kids wanted to be firemen, I wanted to be a special […]

One Thing Every State Must Do To Protect America

Over the past several years America has discovered that China has been carrying out various forms of espionage and intellectual property theft across the US, particularly targeting American companies in the tech sector. Just this past week it was reported that components from the Chinese tech conglomerate Huawei installed in US telecommunications networks could disrupt communications […]

PODCAST: What the Uvalde Cops Were Probably Thinking

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute. Heartbreaking video from inside Uvalde elementary school documenting the protracted failure of police to stop the slaughter underway there is prompting afresh disbelief and fury at the officers involved. What on earth were they thinking? After weeks of conflicting official descriptions of what went down, this […]

US and NATO Lack Capability To Supply A Long War

As weapons inventories dwindle, there’s little chance the West today can build a surge hardware-making capacity The long and short of it is that, while the US and NATO can fight a short conflict, neither can support a long war because there’s insufficient equipment in the now-depleted inventory and the timelines to build replacement hardware are […]

Partisan Push for Domestic Terrorism Office Targets Local Cops

After the horrific mass murders in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York, Senate Democrats took an opportunity to try and ram through new biased counterterrorism legislation which treats law enforcement and the military as infiltrated by “extremists” and seeks to limit counterterrorism training. The legislation was blocked after Republican senators held firm with Republican Senator Rand Paul […]

Welcome To The ‘Green’ Digital Gulag

The convergence of the Communist and capitalist wellsprings of the new world order – and its ominous implications for Americans and others who love freedom – was on display in Davos, Switzerland yesterday. At the globalist World Economic Forum, the Chinese Communist Party’s tech giant, Alibaba, unveiled the next big thing in the planet’s inexorable […]