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Iran works as China’s proxy to push U.S. out of the Middle East

The dots of sub-regional conflicts in the Middle East are now connecting as a concerted and coordinated campaign to drive the United States and Israel out of the Middle East. From a geostrategic perspective, the panorama of these flashpoints is starting to make sense. From the shameful debacle of America’s chaotic retreat from Afghanistan, the […]

Florida House of Representatives takes a stand against Hamas-sympathizing CAIR

On February 1, the Florida House of Representatives sent a strong signal to law enforcement agencies, state agencies and local governments in the Sunshine State to beware of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization whose leader recently expressed satisfaction with the October 7th massacre of Israeli civilians by Hamas, and whose employees […]

Are the Taliban about to buy a North Korean nuclear weapon?

We reported recently on information coming out of Afghanistan suggesting the very real possibility that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda were working on a plan to acquire a functioning Pakistani nuclear weapon. That information came from multiple news sources, and we were able via contacts to verify the reporting independently. That was bad enough, but there is now […]

Do The Iranians Already Have Nukes?

The most critical question to ask in the world of intelligence is “Why?”. Iran is in a confrontation with U.S. forces in the Middle East. Three U.S. servicemen in Jordan were just killed in a missile attack staged by Iranian surrogates. At least 34 others were wounded, and eight were evacuated in critical condition. Iranian […]

Will the Pentagon’s solar panels be Chinese?

The Energy Department has announced it is putting solar panels on the roof of the Pentagon for environmental reasons. No study has been done on the feasibility of this venture. No one has figured out the actual capacity needed, the percentage of power it could generate, whether the Pentagon’s building can support such an installation or how disruptive installing a […]

Predictions 2024: In need of divine intervention and extra resolve

“Good Lord, get us through this…just this once…and I swear we’ll be good.“ I like history and reading about wars, chaos, and tumultuous times. But it’s better when it’s happening to others, ideally centuries ago. This will be a rough year. Team Biden was “the adults” who were going to use “intensive diplomacy” to fix the […]

PODCAST: A predictable “earthquake” – Surrendering our sovereignty to the WHO

A devastating earthquake in Japan yesterday may symbolize a New Year marred by geostrategic tectonic shifts. Some are predictable – and their effects can, therefore, be attenuated if we act in time. Consider the creation of so-called “global governance” mechanisms that would subordinate us to the dictates of unaccountable international entities like the World Health Organization. Largely secret […]

Putin’s diplomatic blitzkrieg to save Hamas and set up Russian base next door to Israel

Russian President Vladimir Putin received a truly imperial reception from the leaders of the UAE and Saudi Arabia during fleeting visits to their countries. Oriental luxury, accompanied by painting the Dubai sky in the colors of the Russian flag, a cavalry escort, camels with riders – all this was calculated to produce the necessary impact […]

Progressivism Forces Americans To Forget Their History

The difficulties of the presidents of major American universities—Harvard, MIT, and UPenn—to denounce anti-Semitism is both appalling and a symptom of the larger ideological upheaval in the United States between traditional liberalism and progressivism. The consequence of the increasing strength of progressivism is the loss of the country’s ability to meet the challenges that it […]

Poison pill in 2024 defense bill holds the military hostage to domestic spying

The Firm has inserted a last-minute poison pill in the legislation to spy on American citizens while funding our Armed Forces. Senate Democrats and their Republican conferees have agreed to hold our military hostage to an extension of a domestic spying law that has allowed the FBI to stomp Americans’ rights through warrantless surveillance. “The […]

Palestinian poll shows overwhelming support for terrorism, and suggests that international attention is misplaced

An extraordinary survey of Palestinians shows widespread popular support for the Hamas massacres of October 7, with nearly all Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank feeling a sense of national pride since the attack. The Arab World for Research and Development sociological center, or AWRAD, published the results on November 14 from its offices in Ramallah, […]

VIDEO REPORTS: Securing America – An analysis of the ongoing Hamas-Israel war

RABBI PESACH WOLICKI, Co-Host, The Shoulder to Shoulder Podcast What is Hudna? How things have “accelerated” in Israel after Antony Blinken’s visit An attempt by Hamas to “come off” as being humanitarian Atrocities Hamas has committed against its prisoners Who is Neville Singham? A letter by Osama bin Laden that went viral on TikTok China’s […]

Al-Qaida is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons – Where is the Biden administration?

“It is worth remembering that Arab culture, and the Islamic culture built on it, rely on the fundamental concept of structural opposition that is at the heart of foundational Bedouin culture. The rules of Bedouin politics are twofold: Always uphold solidarity with your kin and always side with the closer relative against the more distant. […]

With riot season coming, here’s what red states should be doing

From Christmas tree lightings and Thanksgiving Day parades to your daily commute, it is now impossible to ignore that the left has opted to replace the traditional politics of constitutional government with the revolutionary politics of “disruption.” Whether the topic is the Israel-Hamas war, election fraud, climate change, gun control, policing, or the latest transgender […]