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Black White Supremacist Slave Governors – Huh?

California’s recall vote is today.  The leading Republican candidate Larry Elder, who happens to be black, was recently called a white supremacist by one of the speakers at a Gavin Newsom rally.   Welcome to the fantasyland of the Left where men can give birth and black people can be white supremacists, even if they’re violently assaulted by radical white […]

The Republic Is At Stake: More Voter Fraud and What to Do About It

Republicans are still pursuing 16 legal challenges in four states.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected six appeals challenging 10,000 votes that had missing information.  This means that mail-in ballots with no dates are perfectly fine with this Democrat-controlled and transparently partisan so-called court. Two videos have surfaced of Eric Coomer of Dominion Voting Systems explaining to election officials how to alter votes with […]