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Ivermectin: My Rights Don’t End Where Your Fear Begins

I saw a great picture of a truck today with a sign spray-painted on hay bales: My Rights Don’t End Where Your Fear Begins.  I immediately thought of Ivermectin, which public health authorities are doing their darndest to make sure you can’t get. This drug has been shown to work against COVID in Japan, India, and Brazil, as […]

The League for Islamic-American Relations (LIAR) – Part 2

Many thanks to Laser List member Jim Simpson for information on the UN below. Today, I pick up where I left off yesterday – tearing apart the false narratives spun by CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR would have you believe Islam is good for women.  In its op-ed, CAIR said sharia ended the chattel […]

The League for Islamic-American Relations (LIAR) — Part 1

CAIR – the Council on American-Islamic Relations – holds itself out as a civil rights organization, but it is actually Hamas in America and was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism financing case.  False narratives are CAIR’s stock in trade. I’m about to be critical of CAIR – very critical.  But, before you dismiss everything I say as […]

How to Build Artificial Islands in the China Swamp

Many thanks to Laser List member Clare Lopez for her article on the connections between the U.S. government and China’s biological weapons program, cited herein. A book due out January 25th gives new details about how communist China has corrupted American elites.  The author is Peter Shweizer who has made a name for himself exposing the corruption […]

Unhinged Leftists: Now, That’s Entertainment!

It’s hard to keep up with all the crazy talk gushing out of the Left these days, but I’ll try my best. A leftist writer said parenthood should be abolished, raising your own kids should be illegal, and kids should swapped with those of homeless neighbors to achieve “true equity”.  That’s very far down the rabbit hole. […]

Single Payer: A Toxic Brew of Politics and Medicine

The Left’s dream of socialized medicine is still kicking around.  The Left has been salivating for single payer for a hundred years, and they’re not about to give up now. A single payer healthcare proposal made it out of a committee in California’s legislative Assembly earlier this week.  Governor Gavin Newsom campaigned on single payer in 2018, but a separate […]

Open Borders, Hidden Agendas

Joe Biden’s approval numbers keeps sinking to new lows.  The chaos he’s created at the border is not among the top reasons, but it should be.  The news today is not good. DHS records show 50,000 illegal aliens released between March and August last year failed to report as instructed.  The agency has no idea where they are.  […]

The Snakes and Devils of the Abortion Biz

Today, we pick up with exposing the wretched Left and Democrats and their despicable methods. Turning now to abortion, Planned Parenthood in Chicago failed to report sex abuse against an underage girl.  A former middle school principal drove the girl from Indiana, with whom he was sexually involved, to get an abortion.  Planned Parenthood had to know […]

Watch the New Documentary “Finding Courage” that Features Chinese Defectors

Recent polls reveal that 30% of younger Americans are embracing Marxism and seem to have no real concept of what it is really about. A new documentary film has been created that exposes that reality. Finding Courage is the story of a family whose members are former CCP Journalist Propagandists that found a path to […]

Of Insurrections and Threats to Democracy

As long as the Democrats are all hopped up about Law & Order today, let’s see if they’ll do something about the gargantuan criminal monster they created.  I’m talking about the Soros DAs, the prosecutors who won’t prosecute.  They are a threat to democracy. Manhattan’s new DA Alvin Bragg has taken it upon himself to […]

COVID Nazis Goose-Stepping Their Way to Thousand-Year Reich

The COVID Nazis were out in full force over the holidays. A video shows a woman on a domestic flight yelling at a man to put his mask on.  After the man refuses because he is eating, the woman hits him and spits on him.  New York police are enforcing the city’s vaccine mandate by surrounding diners at […]

Left’s Guns Falling Silent in War on Christmas

The Left is losing the war on Christmas – badly – so now it’s trying to convince you it never happened.  That’s a laugh. There are the usual atheist groups flying ‘religious freedom’ banners doing their usual thing this year – protesting Christmas wreaths on military graves and installing yet another boring Satanic display in a state capitol building.  […]

The “Messed Up World of White Wokeness”

Burlington, Vermont cut its police force by 30 percent, back when ‘defunding the police’ was cool.  Now Democrats are admitting the cut did a lot of damage.  Officers left in droves because of the hostility.  Overtime costs soared.  Only five officers patrol at night.  A crime-fighting team was disbanded.  Emergency call response times got longer.  Burglary […]

Black White Supremacist Slave Governors – Huh?

California’s recall vote is today.  The leading Republican candidate Larry Elder, who happens to be black, was recently called a white supremacist by one of the speakers at a Gavin Newsom rally.   Welcome to the fantasyland of the Left where men can give birth and black people can be white supremacists, even if they’re violently assaulted by radical white […]