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Democrats Crank Up Propaganda Machine on Elections

You need to be aware the Democrats’ propaganda machine is cranked up to ‘hi’ on elections.  They are mischaracterizing just about everything having to do with elections these days. Let’s start with the claim Donald Trump tried to ‘overturn the election’ and is, therefore a ‘threat to democracy’.  I say he pursued legal challenges under […]

Medals of Honor, Badges of Shame

Hershel “Woody” Williams, the last World War II Medal of Honor recipient, will lie in honor at the U.S. Capitol later this month.  He died at the age of 98.  The Medal of Honor is the nation’s highest military award for bravery, awarded by the President in the name of Congress.  Williams went out alone to try to take out machine-gun […]

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2022 VIDEO: Staying True to the Revolution!

The Potomac Tea Party posted the video below titled Staying True to the American Revolution stating, We hear from five strong American voices around the country as to what ‘Staying True to the Revolution’ means to them – mooring ourselves in public and private virtue, preserving the proper balance of our Constitutional order, emphasizing what […]

War on Parents: Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Here I Am At Camp Gender-Change-You-Oughta

UPDATE 7/7/2022: TODAY’S DEMOCRAT PARTY: Democrat RI Senator TWERKS In Campaign Ad Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack (D) made this video encouraging people to vote for her. She also sponsored a bill for teaching kids “queer inclusive, pleasure-based sex ed” pic.twitter.com/835n4jS8LS — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) July 5, 2022 I told you about the […]

War on Parents: A Fight to the Finish

For the rest of the week, I return to the War on Parents which is in full swing.  Make no mistake – the radical Left is coming for your children. The news this month is startling.  We begin with reports of teachers or others working around children being arrested for child sex abuse or possession […]

Where Is the Supreme Court’s Apology?

Where is the Supreme Court’s apology? Look at what their Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 put the country through. Over the weekend, violence or disturbances broke out in several cities in response to the Dobbs decision reversing Roe, including Los Angeles, Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona.  Prior to that, there were 27 attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers – including firebombings […]

Gun Ruling Knocks Libs Off Their Rocker

There are some seriously unbalanced liberals running loose out there. They’re losing their minds over the Supreme Court’s gun ruling, among other things. Most states allow people to carry guns outside the home but, to hear these libs tell it, the Supreme Court’s ruling is ushering in Armageddon.  TV talking head Keith Olbermann said the […]

America’s Enemies Cheer as Pentagon’s Descent into Wokeness Continues

Recent stories show the ideological subversion of the Pentagon is continuing. We start with a look at the Navy’s professional reading list for personnel.  Last year, it led off with Ibram X. Kendi’s “How to Be an Anti-Racist” and other books which preach Marxist Critical Race Theory and the evils of white supremacy.  These books […]

Ascendant Islam Means Jihad Is Coming

In my early morning news broadcast, I routinely include stories about the ongoing series of massacres in Africa.  I want Americans to know what happens in countries where Islam is ascendant, so they can decide where Islam belongs in the American scheme of things. Recent stories include Muslim militants killing 142 people in 10 villages across Nigeria, […]

The News from the Border Is Not Good

Today, I get you caught up on the latest news from Joe Biden’s border crisis.  It’s not good. Fifteen people on the terrorist watch list were caught trying to cross the southern border in May, a surprising record number.   That makes 50 so far this year, more than the total number apprehended in the last five years combined.  […]

You Know the Violence Is Wrong — Speak Out and Leave the Left

The FBI opened an investigation into attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers and faith-based organizations around the country, after 52 attacks in 46 days.  Last week, Jane’s Revenge – the pro-abortion militant group claiming responsibility for some of the attacks – pledged to step up the violence.  In one incident, two masked individuals broke a window and threw a lit flare into […]

The Public Health Quacks Got COVID All Wrong

For those of you to whom government has become God, you might want to reconsider.  Recent stories about the way public health authorities mishandled the COVID pandemic should make any sane person lose their government religion. Public health authorities failed to anticipate the negative consequences of the lockdowns.  Latest case in point:  Strict lockdowns in […]

Voting Machines Continue to Destroy Confidence in Our Elections

Recent stories about electronic voting machines don’t exactly inspire confidence. We start in Georgia where a headcount in a county Democratic primary showed the machines were off by thousands of votes.  The third-place candidate noticed the machines showed zero votes for her in most precincts.  The hand recount showed this candidate, supposedly in third place, had […]

Election Fraud: Turn Over the Rocks and Watch the Bugs Scurry Underneath

A flood of new stories shows we have widespread problems with our elections.  Let’s start with the individual cases: A former Congressman pled guilty to stuffing ballot boxes for the Democrats in Pennsylvania elections from 2014 to 2018.  A Republican councilwoman in New York pled guilty to submitting multiple absentee ballots in her reelection bid last year.  A Democrat […]

Law-Free Zone & Biden’s Border Policies

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas got his comeuppance Friday.  He had issued a memorandum last September limiting the deportation of illegal aliens to certain criminals, national security risks, and recent border crossers.  He explicitly said in the memo being in the country illegally is not a reason for deportation.  In fact, he said if somebody’s been […]