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Diversity, Inc.

I argued last Friday the craziness about calling everything ‘racist’ wouldn’t be happening without diversity advocates drowning in money and using race to get more.  It’s race hustlers and poverty pimps, 2.0. Antiracist author Ibram X. Kendi got $25,000 for a speech to a nonprofit housing agency in 2021.  Like a trained seal, he gave the audience […]

The ‘Diversity’ Narrative Brings the Crazy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion advocates are out there saying the craziest things, and somebody needs to call them out on it.  So, I will: ‘Voter ID laws disproportionately affect trans people,’ as if trans people are incapable of keeping their IDs up to date with their new status. Calling them scientific ‘blind studies’ is ablest and derogatory towards blind people. […]

Follow the Money, All the Way to Beijing

New details emerged about the House Oversight Committee’s new investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings for possible corruption.  The Committee chair James Comer asked the Treasury Department to produce bank Suspicious Activity Reports on Hunter Biden, James Biden, Biden family associates, and related companies.  Comer explained the purpose of the investigation this way: “For years, the Biden […]

Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal: The China Connection

As you have undoubtedly heard, classified documents from when Joe Biden was vice-president were found in an office Joe Biden used at a Washington think tank.  The documents were found last fall and a Justice Department investigation is underway.  The documents concern Iran, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.  But many are raising questions about the Chinese connection to the […]

House Rules Package: A Step in the Right Direction

Frank Gaffney pointed out on his show yesterday that every major country in the Americas is now in the hands of the Left – Canada, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Chile.  That’s really disturbing when you consider how authoritarian leftist governments become.  An island in this sea of misery is the […]

Biden Border Visit: Theater of the Absurd

I predicted last week Joe Biden’s visit to the southern border would be a carefully staged piece of theater, and I was right. We can start with the picture in the New York Times story on the visit of Biden talking to agents at a border wall.  What’s remarkable about this is that one of the first […]

Border Crisis: Ten Percent for the Big Guy?

Big border news today.  Joe Biden announced a new approach to the crisis at the southern border.  Admission for some migrants from Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua will be expanded while a return-to-Mexico policy will apply to others.  The return-to-Mexico policy is the part Biden likes to talk up.  But the humanitarian parole program being used to expand entry […]

Senator Ben Cardin: Sieg Heil!

I have a group that pushes back whenever we see anyone trashing the Constitution.  This time, my Champions of the Constitution Grassroots Network pushes back against Senator Ben Cardin, Democrat of Maryland. Last week, he said: “If you espouse hate, if you espouse violence, you’re not protected under the First Amendment. I think we can be […]

The Democratization of Vice

One of the insidious machines Democrats use to gain popularity and power is the democratization of vice.  It’s an easy sell.  Vote for the Democrats because they promise to legalize everything that feels good.  It’s much harder to struggle against base instincts and not make pleasure-seeking the center of your existence. But it’s a fantasyland […]

Kick Woke Criminal Justice Reforms to the Curb

The Illinois Supreme Court halted the state’s new law eliminating cash bail pending further litigation.  Good.  Maybe sanity will prevail in the end.  Here’s what no-cash bail laws do:  A New York man was arrested for beating his wife.  He was released on no bail.  Less than 24 hours later, he shot her dead in front of her three […]

The FBI’s Sick Culture of Nondisclosure

The seventh release of the Twitter files on Monday showed the FBI and intelligence agencies worked at media outlets and social media companies to discredit true information about Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Unfortunately, this story is the latest in a long line of stories showing indisputably that the FBI has developed a sick culture of nondisclosure over time. […]

All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Breasts

All I want for Christmas is my two front breasts.  You see, I dabbled in political transgenderism.  I believed what the communist transgender activists told me, in what the doctors and psychologists were selling me so they could line their own pockets, and in what my supposedly supportive school counselors were pushing me to do even though […]

The Abortion Lobby’s Got a Brand New Lie

The abortion lobby is out there with a new claim: restrictions on abortions kill women.  The claim is based on a study from the Commonwealth Fund, a pro-abortion group, that purportedly found, “Maternal death rates in 2020 were 62% higher in states that ban or restrict abortion than in states where the procedure is still accessible.”  […]

SBF’s Political Donations: What Did Democrats and RINOs Know and When Did They Know It?

U.S. prosecutors in New York charged Democrat super-donor and disgraced crypto CEO Sam Bankman-Fried with making “tens of millions of dollars in illegal campaign contributions.”   A magistrate in the Bahamas denied bail on the grounds SBF, as he is known, is a flight risk.  SBF plans to fight extradition from the Bahamas, but fighting extradition is generally a losing […]