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Arizona’s Election Stinks to High Heaven

Kari Lake is challenging the results of Arizona’s gubernatorial election in court.  An Arizona judge set motion and hearing dates in the case to conclude by the end of this week, with any trial to end by December 22nd.   This court – unlike so many others, including the U.S. Supreme Court – is actually going to look […]

Get Trump

This is still America, not Stalinist Russia, which means people who try to persecute their political enemies will eventually get their comeuppance.  The fifth Twitter file release showed Twitter employees demanded former President Trump be banned from the platform even though the team assigned to evaluate his tweets didn’t believe he had violated any policies.   Yesterday, Elon […]

COVID Rush, Gold Rush

Title 42 COVID restrictions at the border are expected to end next Wednesday and it’s shaping up to be a disaster.   Up to 14,000 illegal aliens a day are expected to rush the border.  This is on top of a record number of apprehensions and known gotaways at the border in November – over 300,000 combined. Numbers alone don’t tell […]

Lawsuit Depositions and Twitter Files Tell the Tale

There’s an old saying: Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want reported on the front page of the newspaper.  So many stunning revelations have been reported in the last couple days from the release of the Twitter files and the Missouri versus Biden Big Tech censorship case, there’s no room on the front page left. An […]

War on Parents: The Left Calls Out the Big Guns

The Left has called out the big guns in the War on Parents.  For those concerned about the early sexualization of children, there’s a lot more to worry about than just the small arms fire of individual school boards and teachers.  It’s time to pay attention to the infrastructure and institutionalized support networks behind them. […]

NPR Gets Jiang Zemin All Wrong

NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ last night carried a story about the death of former Chinese head of state Jiang Zemin.  The show presented Zemin as a flamboyant lovable toad, a “funny guy” with giant glasses who self-deprecatingly practiced his English with foreign reporters and who set the stage for economic growth in China. The reality is quite […]

Favorite Parlor Tricks of the Left

The White House press secretary’s reaction yesterday to revelations Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election is a case study in favorite parlor tricks of the Left and their fellow travelers in the Democrat Party. The first thing Karine Jean Pierre said is that the Twitter revelations are “old news”.  The Left always […]

The Federal Bureau of Fascism

A deposition of an FBI official in the Missouri v. Biden censorship case last week showed the FBI was meeting weekly with social media companies to coordinate on suppressing information before the 2020 presidential election.  The suit alleges a massive ‘censorship enterprise’ involving several federal agencies and dozens of Biden administration officials.  The information suppressed included, among […]

The Unsolved Riddle of Homelessness

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced he is instituting involuntary hospitalization for homeless people deemed to be mentally ill and in crisis.  It’s déjà vu all over again.  Emptying the mental hospitals is arguably what created the homeless problem in the first place.  The thinking at the time was that civil liberties are paramount – homeless people aren’t […]

War on Parents: Is Disney Learning Pride Goeth Before the Fall?

Disney is back in the news, this time appearing to eat a small slice of humble pie for leading the charge in the War on Parents. How sincere or long-lasting Disney’s new tune will be is anybody’s guess, but let me start by saying something I’ve said many times before:  There have always been gay […]

A Breath of Fresh Air for Free Speech

Elon Musk is really shaking things up at Twitter. In a win for free speech, Twitter will no longer enforce its COVID misinformation policy which had been used to silence people who questioned the government’s COVID vaccine and treatment narratives.  It was also announced this week Twitter will reinstate 62,000 large accounts and release its files on the suppression of free […]

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Your Government

I hope one of the lasting legacies of the COVID pandemic is mistrust of government.  Here’s why: government officials and agencies showed themselves to be a bunch of quacks and liars during the pandemic, and they’re still lying today, recent reports show. Anthony Fauci told us to wear a mask.  He even told us to […]

The Human Traffickers of the Biden Administration

House Republicans are expected to move to impeach DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for failing to faithfully execute the nation’s immigration laws when they take control in January.  Good!  I’ve been calling for this for some time, along with impeaching Joe Biden for the same reason.  Congressman Ronny Jackson from Texas said over the weekend: “Mayorkas has got […]

Give Thanks for the Rule of Law

Let us give thanks for small favors.  Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot reversed course and will once again prosecute misdemeanor thefts of necessary items between $100 and $750.  This may not sound like a big deal, but it’s a victory over the progressive prosecutors – the Soros DAs, a group that includes Creuzot – who have been busy […]

Tales From The Crypto

The spectacular collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange is not just a business story.  It’s a Washington swamp story and Republicans will be investigating it when they take control of the House in January.  At issue is whether “Individuals within the Democrat Party accepted money with knowledge of potential criminal activity occurring at FTX.” High-flying FTX bought […]