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The New World Order’s Pied Pipers

If you’ve ever seen the quirky 1960 comic film Never on Sunday, you may remember Melina Mercouri’s character, Ilya—a free-spirited, happy-go-lucky prostitute living in a seaside village in Greece. An erudite tourist from New York arrives, and, attempting to give Ilya some culture, takes her to watch a Greek tragedy in a large amphitheater. He’s mystified […]

Trump Is My President!

When I watch videos online, I often read the posted comments—and on a recent occasion, I was overwhelmed by what I read. That video, uploaded on 1/10/2021 by a veteran who uses the code name MonkeyWerks, announced President Trump had signed the Insurrection Act and was therefore in the process of reclaiming his landslide victory […]

Attention Congress: A Plague On Both Your Houses!

Americans have long since felt that “something is wrong” in our country. You may remember the iconic movie Network wherein a mysterious figure explains that corporations own the world and control America, and the famous scene in which charismatic news anchor Howard Beale stops reading his script and urges the public to follow his lead, open their […]

Mr. President: You won! Don’t choke now! We’re at war!

Those with the stomach to watch the proceedings in Congress on January 6th witnessed a shameful display of cowardice, deceit, ignorance and treasonous collusion as most of the members in both houses, but especially the Senate, couldn’t sell out their country fast enough. And once again, our President—one of the greatest in American history—is apparently […]

Trump, the reluctant war president

While the hawkish NeverTrump NeoCons bemoan the fact that President Trump has not only refused to start any new wars, he’s also been steadily bringing our overseas troops home, most Americans likely view this as a positive accomplishment, whether they admit it publicly or not. But POTUS has perhaps been a trifle remiss regarding the […]

America’s Color Revolution, Part 2: Seven Days in December?

While there’s proof aplenty that this election was stolen from President Trump through rampant, egregious fraud, plain common sense might lead us to the same conclusion. For instance, which do you think most people would vote for: Opening our country back up for business, work, school, entertainment, sports, community, celebrations and gatherings of all kinds, […]

A November surprise?

Many Americans believe that what we’re witnessing today is simply a more intense form of politics as usual: Democrats vs. Republicans. If only that were so. Before we go down the rabbit hole—and be forewarned that’s where we’re going—let’s recall that history is riddled with conspiracies, and it’s only been since the aftermath of President […]

The Dems’ October Surprise — The Plandemic

Curiouser and curiouser. Out of the blue, just weeks before the most consequential election in American history, our indefatigable President gets sick, and a growing contingent of key Republicans are consigned to their basements to supposedly recover from a virus they almost certainly don’t have. Remember Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, wherein people’s reputations could […]

Debate Post-mortem: Biden’s Two-bit Trump Imitation

Much has been said about the first presidential debate—which was anything but presidential. Here’s my two cents. This was not the debate people were hoping to see. It didn’t make history. Neither candidate came off well. All the same, I’ll wager that most Trump supporters, myself included, remain steadfast in our loyalty to our President, […]