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VIDEO: Watch Florida Governor DeSantis Roll Out ‘Election Integrity Measures’

2020 showcased just how incompetent election officials can be and just how much of a failure some states are when it comes to administering an election. Florida had a great election in 2020, but even in our Great State there are actions we can take to make our elections more secure and restore confidence in […]

VIDEO: Trump Momentum in Florida — 20% of Blue Counties Turn RED!

Florida has 67 counties. At the beginning of 2016, there were 32 Republican majority registered counties. Today, there are 46 counties that are Republican counties, with another flipping any day now. That means that over 20% of the counties in Florida have flipped from Democrat to Republican since Donald Trump became our nominee! This is […]

2 Middle East Refugees Arrested Terror-Related Charges

In November, when the debate about the U.S. taking in 10,000 Syrian Refugees heated up, 29 Republican Governors (including Florida Governor Rick Scott), the Republican Presidential Candidates, U.S. Congressman Vern Buchanan, and even I took a lot of heat for being opposed to President Obama on this issue. Conservative opposition focused on the belief that, […]