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15 Ideas to Ponder

Here are 15 ideas/statements you should consider and share: 1.  Senator John McCain was not a war hero.  He was not a true conservative.  McCain was a traitor to America and especially to missing POW’s in Vietnam.  He did everything he could and achieved the goal of not allowing classified material from the Vietnam war […]

See Something, Say Something: A U.S. Classified Brainwashing Program

I would dare to say that if you asked Americans, specifically our children, if they believe our governments “See Something, Say Something” program is a needed and positive concept 99.9 percent would agree. This operation went into full swing after the 911 attacks by Muslim terrorists on our country. This program is actually a deceptive and very dangerous […]

ACT For America’s Brigette Gabriel [a.k.a. Hanan Qahwaji]: Inning Two Begins

In the days after I wrote about the liberal ideologies of ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel, her birth name is Hanan Qahwaji, toward Islam, mosques and the firing of an ACT chapter leader I have gotten tremendous feedback. My column was about her firing of ACT chapter leaders LTC Roy White, a retired U.S. […]

Salem Virginia Veterans Hospital Lies, Misinforms, and Harasses Veterans

Over the years and currently each day veterans who risked their lives to save our beautiful country have been lied to, misinformed, and harassed by Veterans Hospital  (VH)  staff on a routine basis.  All one has to do is Google  this topic and  sadly you will see thousands of instances in which veterans were being […]

ACT For America Firing American Patriots Because They Feel Mosques in America are Dangerous

This is going to shock American conservative Patriots. It is also going to leave you betrayed and disgusted by the un-American actions by ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel and her assistant J. Craig. For the first time Gabriel has revealed her liberal thoughts on Islamic issues. I will only provide a few paragraphs on […]

Ten Reasons to Criminalize Islam

Ten Reasons to Criminalize Islam: Islam is not a religion. Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology that uses religion as a tool to covertly spread Islam and sharia law throughout the world. Islam advocates child marriages. Prophet Mohammed is the pure example of Islam to all Muslims and he married an innocent six […]