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What is your Religion?

On 26 Nov 2008 at a tourist hotel in Mumbai India, a group of Islamic terrorists murdered 266 innocent people and injured over 250 more.  Their common question to the tourist’s at the hotel was “What is Your Religion”?  Christians and Jews were murdered because of their religion.  Muslim for the most part were allowed […]

Are Law Enforcement Officers Above the Law?

Few people will write an article that even comes close to being critical of our U.S. law enforcement officers. Americans are due a non biased review of why law enforcement officers (LEO) are either treated with enormous respect or in many cases are despised by the people they are sworn to serve. I can effectively write […]

If this flag offends you, you need a lesson in history

During America’s first but not last civil war, over 620,000 Americans from both sides died.  Today in 2015 liberals and non-Americans are condemning the Confederate flag being flown throughout the south.  Anyone who shows any support or sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of Confederate soldiers who were killed or injured, are labeled haters, racists, […]

The Demise of America

It has been several months since I have written any counterterrorism articles. During this period I have been to several mosques and conducted individual research studies. I cannot stress enough that America is in serious trouble. All across our beautiful country we are surrounded by the enemy which is Islam. Where is Islam practiced by […]

The Fallacy of the Innocent Muslim

There is no nice or politically correct way to write this article without offending Muslims, the media, liberals, Allah’s Muslim Terrorist, people who skim the article instead of reading it completely line by line, or our Sunni Muslim President Obama. To put it as polite as humanly possible there are no innocent Muslims. Continue reading […]

Are Bombs Hidden Throughout America?

Is it possible Islamic terrorists have planted radioactive or biological bombs in cities across America?  I think it is highly probable.  Never before in the history of America have political leaders been so reluctant to fight our enemy (Islam and Muslim Terrorists). Of course we do have a very weak leader as President and this […]