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Is Your Preacher, Priest or Rabbi a Muslim Spy?

Question: Is your Christian or Jewish leader a spy for Islam? There are approximately 2500 Muslim Imams in America, an estimated 4000 plus Jewish Rabbis, and over 600,000 Christian Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, Bishops ministering. Why then is Islam expanding and church/synagogue attendance dwindling? Why do Islamic leaders have so much influence over Christian and Jewish […]

Things FOX News Anchors Should Say

It has been my analysis that after the murderous attack by Islamic terrorists (supported by Saudi Arabia & CAIR to name a few) Patriotic Americans have caught on to the lies our government tells us about the security of our nation. Most Americans understand our country is not safe for our children to travel alone […]

Dealing with Death Threats from pro-Islamic Terrorists in the U.S.

If you decide to get involved in protecting America and supporting Israel by writing articles, conducting counter-terrorism research, or by speaking publicly about the atrocities being committed everyday by Islamic terrorists around the world, you will almost certainly receive death threats, often against to your family. The threats against me are not new, but I […]

ISIS in America

More Americans are beginning to catch on that there are very evil people who in the name of Islam commit atrocities unimaginable to the human mind. ISIS represents Islam in its purest form. Mohammed would be smiling from ear to ear if he were able to see ISIS carrying out his planned agenda for world […]

Why is ISIS Leader Baghdadi Wearing an Expensive Watch? It is not for the reasons that have been reported!

It is vital to our national security that more Americans, specifically our counter-terrorism (CT) analysts begin to study Shariah law. A ‘Pure Muslim’ as labeled by Islamic scholars is one who adheres to Shariah law with his actions and mind. The more Shariah compliant a Muslim is, the more likely: They are Islamic terrorists AND/OR; They […]

Support Target: If We [Conservatives] Want To Save America We Must Stop Acting Like Liberals

As conservatives we genuinely bring out the anti-American side of the liberal, progressive and communist minorities in America. This is necessary to win the battles and must to be done to win the war of ideas. Liberals/progressives are destroying America, but in order to defeat the liberal agenda we can’t act like them. They are […]