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The Five Steps To Understanding Pure Islam

During my three decades of studying Islam, the mindset of the Muslim people, living and working in Islamic controlled countries, studying Arabic, reviewing 1000’s of Islamic books and dvd’s, conducting research inside hundreds of mosques worldwide, and talking with thousands of Muslims (to include Al Qaeda members), it is my professional opinion there are 5 […]

DOJ: Terrorists now control terrorist investigations, no-religious profiling!

I receive all Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) newsletters. Today ISNA sent out a newsletter pertaining to their petitioning the Department of Justice (DOJ) to no longer consider religion in their investigations. What does this mean? It means Islamic based terrorist supporters such as ISNA and […]

Suicide Bombings at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia and at Super Bowl XLVIII in New York?

There is a real possibility Islamic based terrorists and their supporters will conduct suicide attacks at the 2014 Winter Olympics beginning on February 6th in Sochi, Russia. Islamic groups have already boasted about their intentions during the Olympics. No amount of KGB, Russian police, Russian military or U.S. security assistance will prevent an attack at […]

A Civil War in America in the Next 5 Years?

When I was in Iraq (2003) I was asked by our government to conduct an assessment of the ground situation in Iraq, and what is the likelihood of a civil war developing between the Sunni and Shiite people of Iraq. I spent six plus months conducting an analysis of the situation. The assessment consisted of […]