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I Was a Federal Agent and These 4 Things Stink About the FBI Investigations

I was a federal agent for over a decade. During that time, I was the lead investigator in a number of federal criminal-investigations. In my experience, I have never seen or heard about a criminal case handled like the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Here are just a few of the puzzling anomalies that should leave […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Tax Cut Statistics

It’s a frustrating exercise constantly correcting liberals and far-left media types about tax rate cuts. One would think that, in a field where an exhaustive search for the facts should be the rule, not the exception, media figures would be interested in what the data on tax rate cuts says. Sadly, many are not only […]

So This is How Liberty Dies

“So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.” Although this quote could probably be attributed to millions of liberty-loving, patriotic Americans watching the thunderous crowds upon the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012, it didn’t come from them. This is a quote from the character Queen Amidala in the Star Wars: Revenge of the […]

Only Obama Can Shut Down the Government

The inclination many establishment Republicans have shown for premature legislative and ideological surrender is, at times, only matched by their eagerness to surrender the messaging battle as well. Committed conservatives are already fighting a difficult messaging battle. They face committed liberal activists, far-left elected officials at the local, state, and federal level, an entrenched federal […]

Florida and Texas Win Again

The far Left’s actions with regard to tax policy rarely match up to their lingo. Whether it’s John Kerry’s tax savings by docking his boat in Rhode Island rather than Massachusetts to dodge the penalty, or the Clinton’s avoidance of a hefty real estate tax bill by using slick accounting, it’s clear that the far-left’s […]

So You Wanna Run For Congress?

Having run two campaigns for federal office, one in the 2012 and the second in 2014, I regularly receive emails and other communications from prospective candidates asking me for advice on how to get a congressional campaign started. I am always humbled that true American patriots looking to make a difference seek out my advice, […]

Major Liberal Messaging Myths

It’s presidential election season and the liberal messaging machine is out in full force defending its failed agenda. Having been both inside the inner-sanctum of presidential politics as a Secret Service agent through three presidential elections as well as a candidate for federal office myself, I’ve witnessed the creation of a deceptive political message. I’ve […]

VIDEO: How to Avoid Becoming a “Soft Target” In the Event of a Massacre

Last night on Fox Business I discussed the shameless, knee-jerk political response from Obama and the Left following the horrific mass shooting in Oregon before the facts were even known. In the wake of yesterday’s horrific mass shooting on Oregon community college, Umpqua’s campus, here are four life-saving steps you can take to avoid becoming […]

Your Liberty Receipt

Here at Conservative Review we recently launched a new feature called the Taxpayer’s Monthly Government Receipt where we detail for you a receipt documenting the extraordinary financial burdens the cost of government is placing on your life. Whether taking the form of taxes paid, future taxes owed, government debts incurred, or future government obligations, these […]

When Will the GOP Start Fighting?

The debt ceiling. The Obama income tax hike. The Obamacare fight. The sequester caps. The Cromnibus. President Obama’s executive amnesty. Now, Planned Parenthood. When does the GOP start winning? Here’s a better question, more appropriate to the times, when does GOP leadership even begin fighting? The GOP leadership has forfeited every one of the above […]