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Pulling Back the Curtain on the Media’s Bias

Have they no shame? Can America’s ideologically constipated, left wing, mainstream media get any worse? The answer appears to be yes. After largely ignoring the gruesome Planned Parenthood videos and instead focusing on Marco Rubio’s wife’s driving violations, they have now moved on to Donald Trump and Kim Davis. You likely saw the widely reported […]

Responding to ‘Black Lives Matter’ & What Obama Can Learn from Bill Clinton

When is President Obama going to stand up and lead on the issue of violent rhetoric directed at our nation’s police officers? Although a direct connection between many of the recent assaults on police officers and the Black Lives Matter movement is still tenuous, it’s difficult to argue that chants of “Pigs in a blanket, […]

Unpacking the On Air Murders and ‘Targeted Violence’

The horrific murders of Virginia’s WDBJ journalists, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, at the hands of Vester Flanagan II is an example of what the Secret Service refers to as an incident of “targeted violence.” Secret Service researchers define targeted violence as “any incident of violence where a known or knowable attacker selects a particular […]

Podcast: Is the Left Intentionally Tanking the Economy?

During my campaign for Congress, I was often asked the question, “Why are they doing this?” The “this” the people asking the questions were referring to was typically some new tax, regulation, or government scheme designed to empower the political-class, and the bureaucrats, and disempower Americans. While watching the GOP debate last week, it became […]

Dear Millennials, the Dems are Screwing You

At what point does the millennial generation wake up and realize that their love affair with the Democratic Party has been one-sided? While the Democrats have benefitted enormously from millennials’ overwhelming support of their brand in national, state and local elections, the affection has gone unrequited. Granted, the Democrats talk a big game about the […]

2 Qualities Americans Look for in a President: Hillary Has Neither

There are two qualities that most Americans are looking for in a president: judgment and leadership. With the recent revelations that, at best, Hillary Clinton disclosed extremely sensitive data over her private email system and, at worst, she may have disclosed classified U.S. state secrets to foreign governments through her private email system, it’s now […]

Obama’s Attack on the Suburbs is an Attack on the American Dream

The hypocrisy of government “planners” is astounding. Government planners are experts at planning destruction, distancing themselves from the results, and then recommending additional planning to fix what they have destroyed. They have been rearranging society according to their social engineering agenda, redistributive economic theories, cynical “division politics” strategies, and racial quotas for decades and the […]