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There is No ‘Done’ in Politics

Recently I was hosting a show on a Washington D.C. talk radio station and a frustrated voter called and told me he was “done.” The caller went through an impromptu list of terrible policy decisions by the Obama Administration in the economic, healthcare, regulatory, and spending realm – in addition to social issues and law […]

July 4th and the Unknown Unknowns

The heightened terrorism concerns around the July 4th holiday weekend are troubling. The evolving terror threat in the United States is metamorphosing into one where the greatest concerns are from what former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld calls the “unknown unknowns.” Although some pundits panned Rumsfeld for the statement, he was accurate in his diagnosis […]

Defending Rep. Mark Meadow’s Viral Facebook Post

What happened to Congressman Mark Meadows is a national embarrassment. John Boehner, and the House leadership team that sanctioned the punishment of Mark Meadows by removing him from a subcommittee chairmanship for voting his conscience during the recent trade debate, have disgraced themselves and the Republican Party. These are troubled times and the big fights […]

The Left Will Always Blame the GOP on Obamacare

With the 2016 elections right around the corner, conservatives must begin immediately preparing to rebut the massive Democratic Party/mainstream media, symbiotic messaging operation. I read a piece this week by the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent that summarizes the far Left’s new Obamacare messaging strategy in the event of a Supreme Court loss in the King […]

American Exceptionalism: The Defining Question for Presidential Candidates

The most important question we can ask our presidential candidates in this rapidly approaching primary season is for their definition of American Exceptionalism. After six-plus years of an administration that has apologized for America, demoralized our American military, destroyed our status on the international stage, attacked America’s unparalleled entrepreneurial vigor, and assaulted our future path […]

Special Interest Groups Moving the Goalposts on Religion

There is an enormous chasm between policy-centered political fights on issues such as tax rates, education policy and healthcare policy, and the growing fight to preserve religious liberty in our beloved country. The effort to divide and silence Christians by a small, but vocal and powerful, collection of interest groups, is gaining strength. I fear […]

The Thinning Skin of America

While reading a column this week about the pernicious effects of “micro-aggressions” on the psychological development of America’s young men and women, I thought to myself: what has happened to this rugged country? This idea, born out of academia, that “micro-aggressions” and “trigger words” can cause lasting damage to the “delicate” human spirit is surely an insult […]

Hillary Takes The Family Out of Education

Incredibly, Hillary Clinton, while talking about education this week, stated that education is a “non-family enterprise.” Education is a non-family enterprise? How completely out of touch can a person be to make such a bizarre statement and then expect to lead the country? Here are a couple of questions for Hillary Clinton: Has Hillary Clinton […]