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Too much Jesus? Or not enough Jesus?

When I was a boy growing up in Lancaster Country, PA, I had several crucial experiences with Christian pastors that contributed to my loss of faith. Mind you I don’t blame anyone but myself for becoming an atheist. But back then it seemed as though there was really no longer anything to hold onto. The […]

Ideology, hidden obstacle to reason

I was recently surprised to note that a prominent British libertarian had sent out a bulk email suggesting that leaving the EU would not be much of a boon to the UK since such would not necessarily provide more “liberty” for Brits. Thus, he contends that UK “leaders” have the same totalitarian mindset as the EU “leaders” […]

FDA-generated Stevia Myth

One recent “viral” email making the rounds claims that the natives of Paraguay have used the intense sweetener stevia as a contraceptive and that it can cause infertility. This raises suspicions because primitive societies are known for performing fertility rites so that women will reproduce. Primitive societies generally would never do just the opposite and […]

State-level Civil Disobedience

The difference between the Article 5 convention and nullification is like the difference between a pop gun and a machine gun. Nullification has stopping power. Article 5 is a genuflection to the federal power. It is simply writing more amendments for the Fed to ignore, absurdly pretending that the federal government is made up of […]

Two thousand years of “Imminent” Second Coming

Jesus answered him, “It is written, “You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.” Luke 4:8 Some Christian spiritual leaders are fond of prophesying. They have been at it since the time of Christ. Pat Robertson prophesied that there would be a catastrophic terror attack on several American cities in 2007 and […]

Do Godly People Need Help Reading the Scriptures?

I am often asked what I think of the Blood Moons theory, which is tied to religious leaders, notably John Hagee, who use a convoluted analysis of certain passages from the Bible to convince Christians that the Second Coming is imminent and will happen in their lifetimes, something that many Christians have believed since the […]

U.S. Elites can’t make peace? Make way for someone who can!

Don Feder recently wrote an article titled “Christians and Jews – Same Boat, Same Sharks,” showing that Christians and Jews are both targeted by ISIS, the terrorist du jour in the Middle East, and should therefore understand each other’s situation and help each other out. I hope that Israeli and U.S. leaders understand the full implications of […]