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Europe: Nous sommes tous des Islamophobes

There is a mass demonstration in Paris this morning, which I watched for about an hour on cable channel TV 5. Highlights: Guess who didn’t show? That’s right. President Barrack Hussein Obama. You will recall that in his address following the attack, after the obligatory “we condemn…” he went into the usual nauseating defense of Islam. Always, always. Enough […]

Is the U.S. dollar really getting stronger?

You’ve probably heard that the dollar is getting stronger against other currencies these days. Short sighted investors are pretending this means that the USD will never fall as long as they walk the earth. They look at this short term growth in the dollar against other deeply troubled currencies and crow that the good old […]

From Russia to Paris with Love

Below is a touching message from our friend Bernard Chalumeau, an authority on international law who has shared valuable insights with us here and here. You may recall that the US and the EU forbade France to proceed with their bargain to provide naval ships to Russia at a mutually stipulated price. It was a […]

Keynes = Marx to the Power of Ten

The Von Mises organization recently published an article showing how Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (pronounced Ah‛-bĕ) is severely damaging the Japanese economy through his Keynesian economic policies, borrowed from Uncle Sam, who has had equal “success” with them. Abe introduced a program of currency issuance of unprecedented magnitude that immediately led to an equally […]

Deconstructing same-sex “marriage”

The same sex marriage issue can be viewed from a Judeo-Christian viewpoint and from a secular viewpoint. If you are a Christian, then the first part of this discussion below is especially for you. If you are an Orthodox Jew or other non-Christian, or if you want to learn how to debate from the secular […]

Did Putin read Tolstoy’s philosophy of history?

On April 20, 2014, the New York Times reported on its front page that photographs had surfaced linking pro-Russian separatists with Russia.  The report included photographs purporting to demonstrate this. On April 24, the New York Times admitted that these photos were discredited. Despite this, Kerry stated in a speech later that day: Some of the individual special operations […]

Panama Canal widening troubles may Impact World Trade

For several weeks now, the local Panama newspapers have been carrying the story of how the winner of the canal widening bidding has been reneguing on the contract. They are claiming that the preliminary study by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) was not accurate and that if they had been more diligent, the contracting consortium […]