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Kamala: Racism, Sexism Impacting My ‘Electability’

In an interview with Axios on HBO, presidential hopeful Kamala Harris suggested America is not morally evolved enough to elect a “woman of color” to the White House. “Talking about what I describe and believe to be the elephant in the room about my campaign,” said Harris, who has fallen to at least fourth or fifth place among […]

Omar: Dems Fight For Things ‘Most People Can’t Understand’

In an interview with The Intercept published Thursday, Rep. Ilhan Omar complained that Democrat lawmakers are so smart they’re burdened with “fighting about a lot of things” most voters “can’t understand.” “I mean it’s the one thing that everybody accuses us of. We think we’re the smartest in the room,” she boasted. “We are very policy-oriented. We […]

Green New Deal = Hugo Chavez’s Constitution?

After noting that a former chief of staff for socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted that her “Green New Deal” is not about climate but changing the entire economy, Steve Milloy at Breitbart News drew up a list of similarities between it and the constitution ushered in by late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in 1999. Milloy found similarities between the two plans […]

Trump: There is ‘Something Wrong’ With Pelosi ‘Upstairs’

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats stormed out of a White House meeting on Syria Wednesday, President Trump suggested that she is either mentally unwell or unpatriotic. “Nancy Pelosi needs help fast! There is either something wrong with her ‘upstairs,’ or she just plain doesn’t like our great Country,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “She had […]

CNN’s Zucker Wanted Staff ‘Fully Committed’ to Impeachment

Project Veritas on Wednesday released a snippet of undercover audio in which CNN president Jeff Zucker is heard encouraging staff to be “fully committed” to taking President Trump’s impeachment seriously, arguing that those who are “covering it up” are “lying.” “We are at an incredibly important time in history and this country and this is the story,” […]

Trump Tells Minneapolis Rally Ilhan Omar is Helping Him Win

At a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota Thursday evening, President Trump assured the massive crowd of supporters that radical, Somali-born Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is actually helping him win in the state. “I think we can win,” Trump said when asked if he thinks he can take Minnesota in the 2020 election. “I think Omar is helping […]

Warren Wants Trans Child to Approve Education Secretary

During CNN’s “Equality Town Hall” on Thursday night, presidential contender and radical leftist Elizabeth Warren applauded a “transgender American” child and then suggested the child assist her in choosing an education secretary if she wins the White House. “My name is Jacob, and I am a 9-year-old transgender American,” Jacob Lemay said. Warren and the crowd applauded […]

Minnesota Attorney General Ellison: Religious Freedom Just a ‘License to Discriminate’

In an op-ed at the StarTribune last week, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison swore to fight a court’s ruling upholding the right of wedding videographers to create videos in accordance with their faith beliefs about marriage. As reported by Breitbart News, the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit recently ruled in favor of St. Cloud […]

Brennan Questions ‘Stability’ of the U.S. Under Trump

On NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, former CIA Director John Brennan said “there is a real question about the stability” of the United States under President Trump . Asked how the CIA would assess the stability of the American government right now as if it were a foreign power, Brennan replied, “We would look at it as a very […]

Van Jones: Dems ‘Are in a Lose-Lose Situation’

On CNN’s OutFront Thursday, CNN contributor and former Barack Obama adviser Van Jones pointed out that Democrats “are in a lose-lose situation” by pursuing the impeachment of President Trump. “It’s a tricky thing, the impeachment process, because for some Republicans it makes them want to rally around the flag,” Jones said. “When I was anti-Bill Clinton from the left in the ’90s, and then they tried to impeach […]

Stalled Biden to Trump: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere!’

In a speech Wednesday evening in Reno, Nevada, presidential contender Joe Biden responded to President Trump’s allegations of corruption by asserting, “I’m not going anywhere!” Biden is correct, but not in the defiant way he intended. He is indeed going nowhere, as his momentum in the race for the Democrat nomination has stalled while competitor Elizabeth Warren has taken […]

The Indivisible Team planning to use ‘Aggressive Tactics’ to ‘Destroy’ Trump Presidency

The Indivisible Team (IT) was established by a group of five former Democratic congressional staffers in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 presidential election. One of the five founders, IT board president Ezra Levin, had previously served as associate director of government affairs at the Corporation for Enterprise Development, […]

Honor The Earth: Trashing Capitalism in the Name of the Environment

Honor The Earth (HTE) was established in 1993 by Winona LaDuke and the Indigo Girls music duo, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. LaDuke has served as the group’s executive director since its inception. HTE’s twofold mission is to “create awareness and support for Native environmental issues,” and to “develop needed financial and political resources for the survival […]

‘Indivisible’: Teaches Young Americans to Love Big Government

Indivisible is an organization that seeks to persuade Americans – particularly young people – to believe that big, centralized government can benefit society in a multitude of ways that the private sector cannot. In short, Indivisible’s objective is to “energiz[e] and infor[m] Americans about government’s potential” to ensure “a safe, healthy, just and prosperous future” for […]