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Canada’s Peoples Party: ‘Climate change alarmism is based on flawed models that have consistently failed at correctly predicting the future.’

The People’s Party of Canada has taken a stand to put science back into public policy on global warming/climate change. According to the People’s Party of Canada website: The policy debate about global warming is not grounded on science anymore. It has been hijacked by proponents of big government who are using crude propaganda techniques to […]

Would Disney World close if the Florida legislature passed the ‘Pain capable unborn child protection act’?

“Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards – the things we live by and teach our children – are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.” – Walt Disney There is a growing movement in states like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Louisiana and others to protect the unborn. This had led […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

By MrBTC.org A cryptocurrency acts as a medium of exchange which uses cryptography to secure your financial transactions, this digital currency is supported by a trust less peer-to-peer network or system called the block chain which allows you to send and receive money from others without the need of third party services such as banks and so. A Blockchain which is […]

Is Joe Biden losing the Black Vote? A recent survey says yes.

RLJ Companies on May 29th announced the results of a nationwide African American survey and corresponding nationwide survey of adults conducted by Zogby Analytics. According to its website, “The RLJ Companies, founded by Robert L. Johnson, is an innovative business network that provides strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of companies…Prior to founding The RLJ […]

JFK put ‘The American’s Creed’ on his campaign posters — So Why Do Democrats Hate America?

As the Democratic Party’s candidates are preparing for the 2020 presidential primary I decided to compare what then candidate John F. Kennedy said and believed in comparison to what the current field of candidates say and believe. In doing my research I came across a campaign poster for John Fitzgerald Kennedy [click here to view […]

VIDEO: Feminists, Conservative Women Join Forces to Oppose ‘Equality Act’

In an email from Concerned Women For America the following comments and video was sent to us: Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) CEO & President Penny Nance joined Tucker Carlson on his Fox News Show, alongside self-proclaimed “radical feminist” Natasha Chart of the Women’s Liberation Front to express their historic joint opposition to […]

One America News Network Has Strong Ratings Going into the 2020 Presidential Elections

SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — One America News Network (“OAN“) announced today continued strong ratings as the 2020 Presidential Election season begins to reach top-of-mind awareness with television viewers. In a relatively short period, One America News Network, which launched its 24/7 cable news network on July 4, 2013, has established itself as a reliable source of national and […]

VIDEO: President Trump’s Merit Based Immigration The Right Plan for America

As I listened to President Trump deliver his Rose Garden comments on the dramatic shift from the current and antiquated family based to a new and modern merit based immigration plan I understood that the President’s plan rewards success. The Trump Administrations plan would: End chain migration. End the visa lottery. Make immigrants learn English […]

TAKE ACTION: Ask Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Implement E-Verify Statewide

Over 4 million Floridians for Ron DeSantis for governor. Thousands voted for now Governor DeSantis based on his promise to implement E-Verify. During this session the Florida state legislature failed to bring E-Verify to the floor for a vote. It is time for Governor DeSantis to take action to implement E-Verify statewide. Governor DeSantis said […]

Did One of the Colorado School Shooter’s Belief in a ‘Big Lie’ About Christians Lead to his Hate-filled Act?

We now know that two people who had serious issues in their lives were behind the shooting at the K-12 STEM school located in Douglas County, Colorado. One was a girl named Maya (a.k.a. Alec) McKinney who was “transitioning” to be a boy. The second was Devon Erickson, an 18-year-old high school student who worked […]

VIDEO: Border Patrol Chief Explains our Immigration Crisis in 6 Minutes

The White House in an email released the following statement and May 9th video on the growing border crisis: Border Patrol chief: Our national security is at risk If there was ever a moment for a sense of urgency from Washington about America’s border crisis, that time is now. “As of Sunday, only seven months into the year, […]