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Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) “Running Scared”?

Florida is considered a key state that must be carried by President Obama to win a second term. There is only one statewide race and it is for the U.S. Senate. Incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) will be challenged by the winner of the Republican primary election held on August 14, 2012. The winner of […]

“No More Defense Cuts”

There are twenty-one military bases in Florida and the state is home to 1.6 million veterans. The Coalition for the Common Defense (CCD) has launched a national advocacy campaign aimed at preventing further cuts to the U.S. military of $500 billion dollars or more in January 2013 pursuant to the “sequestration” mechanism created under the […]

Astronaut ALVIN DREW Coming to Tampa

Astronaut Benjamin “Alvin” Drew, Jr. is headlining the 1st Annual “Bridge The Generation Gap” event on Sunday, July 15, 2012 at Riverfront Park, in Tampa, FL. The program is sponsored by Show Another Way, Inc. & Children With A Vision. This event is dedicated to passing down good old fashion fundamental values. The conference mission […]

Christians stoned by Muslims in Dearborn, MI File Lawsuit

During the 2012 Arab International Festival held this past June in Dearborn, Michigan, a group of Christian evangelists were pelted with stones, bottles, and debris by Muslim youths while deputies from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office stood idly by, allowing the criminal assault to take place. Many of the Christians were bloodied by the attack. […]

Pinellas County Commissioners Behind the 8 Ball

By Dr. Rich Swier – In 1996, the ballot initiative “8 is Enough” was passed by 78% of voters in Pinellas County, Florida to limit County Commissioners to two four year terms. That ballot initiative has been in litigation since then. Recently the Florida Supreme Court upheld term limits for all Constitutional officers and County […]

Anarchists Coming to the RNC Convention

The Republican National Convention will be held in Tampa, Florida from August 27-30 2012 to selection the nominee for President and Vice-President. A coalition has formed under the banner March on the RNC to protest at the convention. The coalition is made up of labor unions, anti-war groups, student groups and self-identified anarchists.

George Zimmerman and the Inalienable Right to Self-Defense

George Zimmerman was released from custody on Friday after posting a $1 million bond. Mr. Zimmerman faces second-degree murder charges. He has invoked Florida Statue 776.012, known as the “Stand Your Ground” law, as the basis of his justification to shoot Trayvon Martin. A stand-your-ground law states that a person may use force in self-defense […]

FL Primary Voting Registration Ends July 16, 2012

With a primary election approaching, here is voter information from the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections office: In order to register to vote in Florida, you must: Be a citizen of the United States of America Be a Florida resident Be 18 years old (A person who is otherwise qualified may preregister on or after […]