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Illegal Aliens Arrested in Workplace Raid Sue Over ‘Rights’

It’s hard for people who obey and respect the law to keep their heads from exploding in the face of affronts to common sense and the rule of law. Our Corruption Chronicles blog explains the latest abuse of our system: Represented by an extremist nonprofit that lists conservative organizations on a catalogue of “hate groups,” seven illegal immigrants detained […]

Will Republicans Stand Against Socialism? Watch “Fight On”

There is growing concern that Republican members of Congress are afraid to confront Socialism. There are those who fear the media, fear being called names like racist, Nazi or Islamophobic. There is concern that Republicans are not speaking out against the greatest threat to our nation and Constitutional Republic – Socialism. After the national anthem […]

VIDEO: PANODRAMA — The BBC is Fake News!

Tommy Robinson produced a documentary titled “Panodrama.” It is about fake news in Great Britain. Because Tommy has stood up against mass immigration he has been completely blocked from Facebook and Instagram. On his website TR.NEWS Tommy writes: Most of you are now probably already aware that I have now been completely removed from Facebook […]

VIDEO: Jordan Peterson Explains Postmodernism as the New Marxism

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto. Dr. Peterson has a YouTube channel that discusses his work on what he calls a “war of ideas.” The below interview was done on postmodernism in an interview with Joe Rogan. Identity Politics as Group Warfare This particular interview is […]

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger In Her Own Words

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project lists a series of quotes attributable to the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger. Given the current debate on infanticide it may be appropriate to revisit what Margaret Sanger said about her beliefs on eugenics, women, race, the weak and birth control. Here are Margaret Sanger’s own words: On criminals […]

Michigan Attorney General: Church Failed Victims [+Video]

Packed press conference reveals enormity of sex abuse investigation. The Michigan attorney general is accusing Catholic Church leaders of failing to protect victims. At a packed press conference here in Lansing today, state attorney general Dana Nessel announced the findings so far of her ongoing investigation into clergy sex abuse and cover-up, making clear the […]

The Green New Deal Mirrors Mao’s Great Leap Forward

The Mises Institute’s William L. Anderson published an article titled “AOC and the Green Great Leap Forward.” Anderson wrote: When Baby Boomers were in college a half-century ago, many saw Mao as their political hero, a man with great vision who had the political will to do what was necessary to advance the fortunes of […]

Wife of Former Democratic Senator Bill Nelson: Genocide Coming to America?

I had a conversation this morning with Dr. Ron Kelley, Minister of the Community Church of Sun-N-Fun. Dr. Kelly attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. as a member of the Florida delegation. Dr. Kelley told me about a conversation he had with Grace Calvert Nelson, wife of former Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), during […]