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New York Times orders readers to ‘celebrate’ election of pro-Sharia BDS supporter Rep. Ilhan Omar

And there is no doubt about it: New York Times readers and other Leftists are indeed celebrating. They will celebrate anew when Omar introduces anti-Israel legislation in Congress. They will celebrate all the more when she fails to support women’s rights that counter Sharia provisions. They will keep celebrating every measure against free societies and […]

Healthcare Professionals: The world’s greatest mass murderers

The media uses barrels of ink and tons of airtime to talk about deaths caused by guns, or illegal alien deaths on the U.S. Southern border but ignore the world’s greatest mass murderers – healthcare professionals. There is growing evidence that it is doctors who have the dubious honor of being killing machines. Doctors have […]

What is Fake News? How can you recognize it?

Shevon Desai, Hailey Mooney and Jo Angela Oehrli from the University of Michigan have created a Fake News Guide. The guide provides extensive data on what is fake news, how to recognize its various iterations and provides information on bias in the media. Included in their guide is Claire Wardle, of FirstDraftNews.com, visual image below to help consumers […]

Spreely Falsely Attacked by Google

Spreely.com is a new social media platform. According to the Spreely Facebook page, it is: The Social Network Committed To Protecting Your 1st Amendment Rights. No Censorship. No Shadow Bans. No BS. Members of Spreely.com received the following email from Google on January 1, 2019: Remove risky access to your data Some apps or services you […]

Florida Newspaper Publishes Exhaustive Parkland Report: Sheriff’s Office ‘Cost Children Their Lives’

Authorities and school officials either failed to act or were unclear about procedures when confronting the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter Feb. 14, 911 logs, surveillance videos, and interviews show. The South Florida Sun Sentinel released a minute-by-minute rundown of the Parkland, Florida, shooting in “Unprepared and Overwhelmed.” The Sentinel acknowledged many teachers and […]

VIDEO: An Illegal Alien Kills a Legal Immigrant named Cpl. Ronil Singh

Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson blamed California for being a sanctuary state as is the reason for Cpl. Ronil Singh’s death.  He understands that border security is in fact national security. RELATED ARTICLES: Cop’s Shooting Death May Upend Debate Surrounding Government Shutdown  Stanislaus Co. Sheriff Says CA’s ‘Sanctuary State’ Policy To Blame For Cpl. Singh’s […]

VIDEO: President Trump’s inspirational speech to our troops in Iraq

President Trump and the First Lady spent Christmas with our troops in Iraq. While there he made important statement to our forward deployed soldiers. President Trump made these key points: ISIS is destroyed. Regional nations must step up and take responsibility for security. America shouldn’t be doing the fighting for others. They must also pay […]

VIDEO: The Chosen

Merry Christmas to all of our readers and followers. Blessing to you on this Christmas Day.  RELATED ARTICLES: Renowned Physicist’s ‘God’ Discovery Puts Atheists in Their Place Once and For All New Hope: Iraq Officially Declares Christmas a National Holiday  EDITORS NOTE: The video is courtesy of VidAngel Studios. Please support their efforts to […]