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Europe Squanders Money on Green Dreams

By Cathie Adams, Eagle Forum International Issues Chairman. President Trump’s energy agenda assures a bright future for Americans. He and his delegation did an amazing job defending free-market capitalism, national sovereignty, and our standard of living in Bonn without pandering to the radical greens. To stay on this bright path, it is imperative that Americans […]

Trump in Mexico Recalls Reagan in Geneva by Phyllis Schlafly

Donald Trump’s surprise visit to Mexico, where he met the Mexican president and discussed the many contentious issues between our two countries, reminds me of President Reagan’s important trip to Geneva in 1985. Reagan was more than willing to sit down with the Communist leader in an effort to build a personal connection between the […]

Black Lives Matter Protesters Chant: ‘Don’t Vote for Hillary! She’s Killing Black People!’ [VIDEO]

Philip Hodges writes: Talk about a fractured party. Protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia outnumbered those at the Republican National Convention. I imagine what we’re witnessing at the DNC convention is what the RNC convention could have looked like had the party’s favored candidate been successfully forced on to the Republican electorate against their […]

How Pence Complements Trump by Phyllis Schlafly

When Donald Trump introduced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as the vice presidential nominee, the media had a field day unearthing Pence’s past tweets and votes that appeared to disagree with his future running mate’s positions. On issues such as free trade agreements, some of Pence’s past views seemed closer to those of his former colleague, […]

Phyllis Schlafly Briefing — Cleveland 2016

This week has been a whirlwind of activity and we have witnessed many smashing conservative victories! After two days of amendments and debate starting Monday, the 112 members of the 2016 Platform Committee produced a fantastic document — the most conservative we have probably seen. The right to life and traditional marriage planks were both strengthened. […]

Trump Battles Globalist Republicans by Phyllis Schlafly

Before heading to Cleveland to accept the Republican nomination for president, Donald Trump paid a high-profile visit to Capitol Hill, where he hoped to unify Congressional Republicans behind his presidential campaign. Many of the 247 Republican Representatives and 54 Senators were cordial to their party’s presumptive nominee, but others remained hostile and weren’t shy about […]