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Last December, 0 states had passed strong laws to protect children from pornography—Today, there are 33!

As we recently shared with you, 2023 has been a HISTORIC year in the fight to protect children from pornography. After seeing how porn had become a “gateway drug” of sexual harm for kids (linked to sexual abuse, trafficking, and sex buying) we began our Protect Children Not Porn campaign in 2021, advocating for the US to […]

Exodus Cry’s Book ‘Raised on Porn’ is Out!

Raised on Porn will help people reclaim their sexuality from the influence of porn. Knowledge is power. If you or a loved one have ever struggled with porn or been hurt by the effects of our pornified world, Raised on Porn will empower you toward freedom and healing. WATCH: Why everyone should read this book on porn…  This book […]

PODCASTS: The Connection Between Porn & Sex Trafficking

Sometimes it feels like our world is drowning in a sea of sexual devastation. It’s critical to take time to unpack what’s happening, why, and gain insight on how to safely navigate the way forward. We desperately need raw and honest conversations around exploitation, trafficking, sexual culture, and justice. That’s why the Exodus Cry Podcasts (below) […]

VIDEO: Watch Our 2022 United Nations Address On Uprooting Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation

Our Vice President of Impact, Helen Taylor, gave a bold and eloquent address at the United Nations, laying out what needs to be done to uproot the trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of vulnerable women and children. Watch Helen’s address:  Helen has worked with thousands of victims and survivors around the world and has […]

21 Former Porn Performers Demand #ENDTEENPORN | Sign the Petition!

Sign the petition to #ENDTEENPORN. Exodus Cry recently published an open letter from 21 former porn performers, demanding an end to teen porn. To understand watch Beyond Fantasy Barely Legal—Episode 1 The letter reads, in part: “Dear porn industry, We, the undersigned former porn performers and survivors, are calling on porn producers, directors, and agents to stop recruiting […]

Watch trailer! Beyond Fantasy — Episode 1

Watch the trailer now for “Barely Legal,” episode 1 of our documentary miniseries Beyond Fantasy.   Among porn’s most popular categories is the teen genre, which often depicts underage girls. Amid pigtails, playgrounds, and teddy bears, grown men act out sexual fantasies with performers who are at least 18 in real life, but who are made to […]

Is This The End For Pornhub?

On August 4th, 2022 Visa’s CEO announced: “Visa cards will not be able to be used to purchase advertising on any sites including Pornhub or other MindGeek affiliated sites.” Both Visa and Mastercard suspended payment to ALL of MindGeek’s porn tube sites, which means that, overnight, a massive portion of the Pornhub parent company’s revenue stream […]

VIDEO: What is Human Trafficking?

 HUMAN TRAFFICKING HAS TRULY BECOME A GLOBAL THREAT to vulnerable men, women, and children worldwide. It is an injustice that affects millions of people every year on every continent and at all socioeconomic levels. Human trafficking is a highly-organized and lucrative business, generating 150 billion USD per year, 99 billion of which is generated by […]

Raised on Porn – ‘The New Sex Ed’ | Documentary Film

Raised on Porn exposes the ways pornography has become the new sex education for children and unpacks the dangerous lifelong implications of this global phenomenon. Through riveting firsthand accounts, cinematic re-enactments, 3D animation, and interviews with the world’s leading neurologists, sociologists, psychologists, and therapists, Raised on Porn is filled to the brim with raw, compelling […]

KinkTok: How Porn Culture & TikTok Are Grooming Children [+Video]

Sign the petition to protect children from porn. If you are on Instagram or TikTok, you have likely come across videos hyper-sexualizing some form of sexual violence, tagged with #KinkTok. Many videos feature “kinks” such as being forcefully pushed up against a wall, choking, BDSM and even fantasies involving “knife play.” One video of a […]