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“Water is the new oil.” JEA selling our water to Water Barons? Don’t laugh. It’s happening.

by Billie Tucker Volpe I recently had a chance to speak with City Council Member Randy DeFoor. She was not happy with JEA fast-tracking a potential sale — and she was most disturbed by the potential sale of our water. And I could not agree with her more. As a consultant to the board of JEA […]

EYE ON JACKSONVILLE: Letting perverts off the hook. A big cultural change!

Lloyd “Scoop” Brown has been writing on Eye on Jacksonville about the lack of arrests locally. It’s a big issue and one that we hope Sheriff Mike Williams will look into. Today I read that men are “having fun” with themselves in the library and many incidents have been reported. Yet very few arrests have […]

The Curry Wall: Preventing access to public information. Maybe we should “recycle” politicians?

Putting stuff into the yellow-topped curbside recycling bins may make homeowners feel virtuous, but it probably isn’t saving the taxpayers any money. The popular notion is that the garbage is sold and the operation breaks even or makes a profit. Not quite. The city does get $1.5 million in revenue, but it spends $2.2 million, […]

Six Months After Asking – Eye hears from Duval Schools about Sex with Students. Yep it’s happening.

On the day before Thanksgiving, Eye got a gift for which we are thankful. The public school system answered a question we asked last May. In August, they told us we could have the info for $107.60, which we paid. As it turns out, they gave us more than we asked for, so it was […]

Polling genius, Consolidation expert & Jax native Pat Caddell: ‘Dems hijacked by a confederacy of gangsters’

(In the run-up to the 50th anniversary of consolidation, we have written several columns on the history of that local political miracle.) During the heated process of bringing about consolidation, one of the lesser known parts was played by Pat Caddell. Today, Caddell is known as a polling genius who has worked for a number of […]

Special Report: JAE … Who or What caused this Stinking mess? by Lloyd Brown

In 1973, seemingly was sitting pretty: 100 percent dependent on oil to produce electricity and invested in a long-term fuel contract to buy oil. Suddenly, a little known outfit called OPEC – an Arab oil cartel – decided to triple the price of oil. The wise men who had secured that contract now looked like […]