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How To Prepare For A Global Corruption Purge

“ Small secrets need to be protected. The large ones are kept secret by the public’s incredulity.”  – Marshall McLuhan. I recently re-read an article from August 2019 and it still resonates with me. I wanted to repost it here on my blog so you all can read it. It was written by MARTIN GEDDES from “Bonnie Scotland” […]

Jen Psaki – Joe’s Commie Mouthpiece!

I presume most of you have been listening to the communist mouthpiece of the extremist and dangerous WH administration, the one who criminally stole the 2020 election blatantly and openly and also definitely unashamedly! What I am talking about is her admission that the WH has been working with FB to have posts that their […]

Putting Covid Deaths Into Perspective!

350,000 deaths were attributed to COVID-19 here in America in 2020. Now, we all know this number was highly inflated for political and financial gain. Hospitals, cities, counties, states and many organizations benefitted from a Covid related death as opposed to say a Flu death! Shocking huh? Always follow the money! We all know medical […]

Biden Says July 4th Just Got Cheaper!

I begin today with two wise old African proverbs from the country of my birth, Rhodesia. Shona Proverb:- “ The innocent looking people are often the guilty.” In Shona that would read “Imbwa nyoro ndidzo tsengi dzamatovo.” An old Shangaan proverb: “Don’t replace a puff adder with a black mamba.” Or in their language “Huma Mheri kunghena mamba.” […]

China Is Spanking Biden!

The People’s Republic of China has raised its level of aggression towards the US exponentially since the fraudulent arrival of the Biden Administration into power. They, like all our enemies, Syria, Russia, Iran etc. understand they are dealing with a crook, all be it a severely mentally challenged crook. They know he is weak and […]

Philadelphia — The City of Perverts.

“The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance” – Albert Einstein Philadelphia, a city with famous landmarks like the Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and town hall, passed a law called the “indecent exposure law” which is hard to interpret unless you are a sicko pervert who wants to get together with other sicko […]

DemonRats Ensure Cruel & Unusual Punishment

Inflation, the cruelest tax of all, is here. Under the insane monetary agenda of this socialist administration, America and Americans are all going to feel the terrible affects of inflation. There is no other option as they, the Democrats, resort to previously failed policies and discard any attempt at being fiscally conservative or responsible. Hyper […]