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U.S. Leaders a HUGE Threat to National Security!

“It’s Better to fight for something than live for nothing.” – George S. Patton While the Justice Department pursues ordinary parents as domestic terrorists for speaking out at school board meetings, it’s fair to say our leaders wouldn’t recognize a real threat to national security if it slapped them in the face. The chief software […]

The Left Hates Columbus Day! So, Happy Columbus Day to you all!

Happy Columbus Day to you all! Usurper president Biden also signed an order calling it “Indigenous People’s Day”!! I wonder if he knows what he signed? Nah – thinking not! The hatred and lies and racism continue in an never ending stream from this evil administration. I was going to write something else of my own […]

What does it mean to be an American? by Lieutenant Jason Redman, U.S. Navy SEAL (Ret.)

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr. Today’s blog was written by a friend of mine, Lieutenant Jason Redman, U.S. Navy SEAL, retired. His story is truly remarkable. A story of true American bravery. He is a modest man with an incredible family. He has […]

TAKE ACTION: Stop Federal Mask, Vaccine Mandates for Transportation!

Foreword: This blog continues in showing you things we can do. Looking to the positive rather than the negative. Something we can all do to try stop the continuing madness that is the Biden Administration and their extremist agenda. There are a lot of links off the post below. All are important. As always read […]