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Capitalism Brings Us Together, Authoritarianism Tears Us Apart

Empathy is fostered in a culture where commercial transactions occur between all walks of life. You’ve probably heard this story before: a terrible crime occurs, the press interviews the neighbors of the perpetrator, and the neighbors say they never saw it coming. Consider Robert Bowers, the mass murderer who killed eleven people at the Tree […]

Why the Hammer and Sickle Should Be Treated Like the Swastika

If someone were to ask you to think of either extreme of the political spectrum, odds are you would immediately picture a swastika at one end and a hammer and sickle at the other. Regardless of your views on the left-right paradigm or whether or not you subscribe to horseshoe theory, we (rightfully) tend to […]

Greece, Prostitution, and the Sad Consequences of Democratic Socialism

The moral of the story is that socialism (however defined) has never worked in any form at any time in history. My left-leaning friends periodically tell me that there’s a big difference between their benign policies of democratic socialism and the wretched track records of Marxist socialism, national socialism, and other forms of totalitarianism. I agree. Living in a […]

The Left’s Long History of Declaring Political Dissidents “Mentally Ill” [+Video]

“This growing tendency to label opponents ‘mentally ill’ scenario is incredibly concerning—but not without precedent.” – Nick Bieter President Trump has had some pretty theatrical meetings during his tenure in the Oval Office, and his time with Kanye West was no exception. The event created loads of publicity and commentary from both the left and the […]

Poverty in the U.S. Was Plummeting—Until Lyndon Johnson Declared War On It [+Videos]

One of the more elementary observations about economics is that a nation’s prosperity is determined in part by the quantity and quality of labor and capital. These “factors of production” are combined to generate national income. I frequently grouse that punitive tax policies discourage capital. There’s less incentive to invest, after all, if the government imposes extra layers of […]

Cuban Doctors Say They Are Treated Like Slaves

You are trained in Cuba and our education is free. Health care is free, but at what price? You wind up paying for it your whole life.” –Dr. Yaili Jiménez Gutierrez In 2013, the World Health Organization brokered a deal through which Cuba would export doctors to Brazil to serve in its poorest and most remote […]

Is Amazon’s Minimum Wage Move a Political Ploy?

Amazon made headlines yesterday after it announced it would raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour, a move that will impact more than 350,000 of its U.S. employees beginning November 1st. This decision came in the wake of harsh criticisms claiming that the online retailer both underpays and mistreats its workers. And while these […]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer on the ‘Stupidity’ That Led to Hitler’s Third Reich by Annie Holmquist

Although he was in power for only a handful of years, Hitler and his Nazi government slaughtered millions. One of the more well-known victims of that slaughter was Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed on April 9th, 1945, a few short weeks before Hitler’s own death. Unlike many of Hitler’s victims, Bonhoeffer was not a Jew, but […]

Blame Cuba for the Mass Exodus from Nicaragua and Venezuela, not the U.S.

ontrary to statements from the former president of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who alleges that sanctions issued by the United States are to blame for the current exodus from Venezuela, exiles affirm that the fault for the current exodus actually lies with Havana, not the United States. Cuba’s Communist Oligarchy “In Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua […]

The New York Times Explains Why the Minimum Wage Should Be $0.00

The minimum wage is the Jason Vorhees of economics. It just won’t die. No matter how many jobs the minimum wage destroys, no matter how many times you debunk it, it always comes back to wreak more havoc. Economic Literacy from an Unexpected Source We’ve covered the issues at length at FEE, and quite effectively, if I do say […]

How the Janus Decision Could Vastly Improve Public Education

Two new pieces of research give us reason to be encouraged by the Janus decision. On June 27, 2018, the Supreme Court ruled 5–4 in favor of the plaintiff in the case of Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31 (AFSCME). Dry as it sounds, this was a landmark ruling; the Court […]

How to Spot Misleading Statistics in the Gun Control Debate

The question should not be, “Do guns prevent crime?” The question should be, “Are guns useful at resisting crime?” The academic debate over gun control consists mainly of a war of statistics. New studies come out every few weeks, and as a result, both sides are constantly locking horns over the validity or invalidity of […]

Three Movies You Should Watch to Understand the Economic Collapse of 2008

Ten years ago, the Lehmann Brothers investment bank collapsed, sparking a world-wide banking crisis and recession. The economy lost at least 5 million jobs, pushing the unemployment rate from 5 percent to 10.5 percent in just a few months. The US stock market lost $7.4 trillion in value while the real estate market dropped $3.4 […]

Labor Unions Set Workers at War with Each Other

Every Labor Day, unions claim credit for every laborer’s gain, equating union members’ gains with benefits to all workers. However, that is impossible to square with what happens when some special union privilege is threatened, as with “right-to-work” legislation–unions quickly turn to threats, intimidation and violence against other workers. In fact, unions rely on coercion, […]