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Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot Is a Welcome Social Media Option. Will It Work?

Why Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot may become a refuge for dissenters. Last month, the controversial psychologist and popular public speaker Jordan Peterson announced that he is creating a new social media site. Billed as an “anti-censorship” platform, “Thinkspot” would allow users to post virtually whatever they want. “Once you’re on our platform we won’t take you down […]

41 Inconvenient Truths on the “New Energy Economy”

Bill Gates has said that when it comes to understanding energy realities “we need to bring math to the problem.” He’s right. A week doesn’t pass without a mayor, governor, policymaker or pundit joining the rush to demand, or predict, an energy future that is entirely based on wind/solar and batteries, freed from the “burden” […]

Life Before the Income Tax: What learnings can we derive from the British and American experience with the income tax?

If someone from the 17th century came back to life, he or she would be surprised, most of all, by the means of transport and communication tools we use now. Probably, the most familiar things would be hospitals and schools. Personally, I think that there is something that would very surprise a person from those […]

Cuba Implements Food Rationing as Its Economy Enters Crisis Mode

While it is fashionable to talk about Venezuela and its notorious shortage of basic goods such as toilet paper, flour, and milk, Cuba is now implementing a rationing program to combat its very own shortages of basic goods. A CBC report indicates this program would cover basic items such as chicken, eggs, rice, beans, and soap. What has caused these […]

VIDEO: California Town Sees Businesses Vanish Following Minimum Wage Hike

A couple of years ago, I praised federalism in part because state and local governments would be less likely to adopt bad policy (such as higher minimum wages) if they understood that jobs and investment could simply migrate to jurisdictions that didn’t adopt bad policy. But “less likely” isn’t the same as “never.” Some state and local politicians can’t […]

100 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

This is my 100th article at FEE.org, so here are 100 reasons to homeschool your kids! Homeschoolers perform well academically. Your kids may be happier. Issues like ADHD might disappear or become less problematic. It doesn’t matter if they fidget. YOU may be happier! All that time spent on your kids’ homework can now be used more productively for family learning and living. […]

6 Facts Obama Got Wrong about Guns While Speaking in Brazil

I have a confession. I miss Obama. On the issue of guns, at least. He was so wrong, yet so ineffective, that it was almost funny. Heck, it was funny. Fortunately, he’s decided to make an encore performance. So there’s a new opportunity to puncture his pious pronouncements. Six Falsehoods About Gun Laws Writing for the Federalist, Ryan Cleckner debunks Obama’s […]

VIDEO: Ocasio-Cortez’s Gardening Advice Echoes the Hubris of Mao’s Great Leap Forward

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to extend identity politics to vegetables. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wants to extend identity politics to vegetables. For Ocasio-Cortez, some vegetables are too “colonial” to grow. Community gardens are a component of the Green New Deal, and having projects “make sense in a cultural context” is important, says Ocasio-Cortez. Cauliflower and Yuca If “communities of […]

Bernie Is a Capitalist, Whether He Likes It or Not

Sen. Bernie Sanders belatedly released his tax returns this week. The New York Times reported: The returns show that Mr. Sanders’s earnings shot up after his first presidential bid, when he built up a vast national following. He and his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, reported income that topped $1 million in 2016 and 2017, lifted by […]

Income Is Determined by the Scarcity of Your Contribution, Not the Value of Human Worth

In a few months’ time, my wife and I will send our second child to daycare. Like all parents, nothing is more precious to us than our children. So it’s surprising that the people whom parents trust to take care of their kids—childcare workers and preschool teachers—get paid median salaries of just $22,290 and $28,990 a year. This […]

Bernie Sanders’s Idea of Economic Rights Is the Path to Serfdom

Such a policy will require the government to wield a huge amount of control over the direction of the economic activity of the state. – Adam Toomey Senator Bernie Sanders fired up the Twitterverse last Sunday with an impassioned tweet touting the “economic rights” of the citizen. Everyone has the “right to a decent job, the […]

Plastic Bag Bans Won’t Help the Environment, But They’ll Cause More Foodborne Illnesses

Plastic bags are less than one percent of all litter. New York lawmakers have followed California’s lead and decided to ban grocery stores from giving customers plastic bags. They hope shoppers will use their own cloth bags instead. This ban on plastic bags will harm shoppers in multiple ways. As Daniel Frank sarcastically notes, “Reusable tote bags” can “cause food […]