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Florida Family Action Releases Legislative Scorecard Grading State Legislators on Social Issues 

Orlando, FL – Florida Family Action (FFA) announced the publication of its first Legislative Scorecard, tabulating combined legislative votes from both the 2015 and 2016 Florida Legislative Sessions. “Our hope is that FFA increasingly becomes known for holding all legislators—Republicans and Democrats—accountable for supporting bad policy, and praise for supporting good public policy on issues […]

Those who promote ‘Islamophobia’ have blood on their hands

Islamophobia campaigns like those at the University of California Berkeley and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) must share some blame for terror attacks like Orlando and San Bernardino. Islamophobia campaigns can intimidate people to restrain their communications that might otherwise save lives.  Proponents who continue to promote Islamophobia campaigns given the evidence from […]

Update on the man who purchased weapons for San Bernardino Muslim slaughterers

Florida Family Association reported that we would closely watch this case.  The following events have taken place regarding this case. Enrique Marquez has ties to jihadist other than the two people he supplied weapons to for the San Bernardino attack. The federal trial has been moved several times.  The first trial date was scheduled for […]

Huffington Post Defends Islam, calls Mohammed the ‘Spirit of Truth’

The Florida Family Association (FFA) reports on The Huffington Post publishing an article on April 26, 2016 titled Did Jesus Predict Muhammad? A Biblical Portal Between Christianity and Islam.  The article states in part: The time has come for Christians and Muslims to make peace between our communities. Our planet simply cannot afford another century of […]