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Thousands of Schools Won’t Tell Parents About Kids’ Gender Transition: Report

More than 5,000 schools across the nation allow teachers to hide a child’s decision to identify as a member of the opposite sex from the child’s parents. The parental exclusion policy — which is heavily advocated by LGBT lobbying groups and applies to more than 3.2 million children nationally — has already resulted in the […]

10 Things to Know about the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

This weekend was the most tumultuous for the banking sector since 2008, as an apparently prosperous, mid-sized bank completely collapsed. When the dust settled, federal regulators had taken over management of two banks while several others teetered on the brink. Needless to say, the incident has deeply shaken Americans’ confidence in the banking industry. To […]

International Women’s Day Exposed for ‘Communist Roots’

Dedicating a whole month to commemorate a particular demographic is not rare, according to the U.S. calendar. In February, the spotlight is on black history and the significant role black leaders have played in our country’s past. November is National American Indian Heritage Month. Now, as we reach the midpoint of March, America is marking Women’s […]

‘Murder!’: Jane Fonda’s Homicidal Call to Action Against Pro-Lifers

Friday morning, on the infamously progressive talk show “The View,” 85-year-old actress Jane Fonda made a disturbing recommendation for dealing with pro-lifers: murder. The remarks came amid a conversation regarding Fonda’s pro-abortion activism, particularly in the months following the Dobbs Supreme Court decision last June. As hosts Sonny Hostin and Joy Behar simpered sweet nothings about Fonda […]

Biden Proposes Federally Regulated ‘Universal Pre-K’ for Children as Young as 3

President Joe Biden’s $6.9 trillion proposed budget would have the hand of the government rock the cradle by creating a federally regulated, universal pre-K program for children as young as three. Altogether, President Biden would spend more than half-a-trillion dollars over the next 10 years to allow all American preschoolers to spend their formative years in a […]

‘Misogyny’: 47 Biological Males Allowed in Women’s Prisons in California

On Wednesday, The Post Millennial reported that 47 biological males who identify as transgender have been allowed entry into women’s prisons in California since the state’s Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act (SB-132) went into effect in 2021. Experts are decrying the policy, pointing to the dangers posed to women’s safety and privacy. Citing data from the […]

UK Punishes ‘Thought Crime’ of Praying Silently at Abortion Facilities

British police will continue to arrest Christians for the crime of praying within hundreds of feet of an abortion facility, after the U.K. Parliament voted down an amendment that would have legalized “silent prayer” — a situation Christians have described as a “dystopian” ban on pro-life “thoughtcrime.” On Tuesday, Members of Parliament rejected an amendment […]

As Fentanyl Deaths Reach Historic Highs, White House Claims Fentanyl at Border Is at ‘Historic Lows’

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asserted that the level of fentanyl present at America’s southern border is currently “at historic lows.” Amid calls for the Biden administration to secure the border after the deaths of two kidnapped Americans in Mexico at the hands of a drug cartel, observers are pointing to vast […]

Mama Bears Claw Back into Schools’ Free Speech Fight

Like a lot of parents, Cindy Martin didn’t realize how out of control the book situation had gotten in their local schools. When a friend told her there was pornographic content on the shelves, she decided to investigate herself. What she found defied imagination. “I wish I could share some of the book excerpts with […]

#BoycottHersheys: Here Are 3 Chocolate Companies That Actually Celebrate Women

The Hershey Company is facing boycotts and backlash in response to a new ad campaign from Hershey Canada, which uses a male activist who identifies as a transgender woman as a spokesman for International Women’s Day. The activist, who goes by the name Fae Johnstone, is one of five individuals whose likenesses have been printed on limited […]

‘Null and Void’: Iowa Aims to Expunge Same-Sex Marriage

The political battle to defend natural marriage is far from over in the nation’s heartland, as Iowa legislators have introduced two bills that would expunge same-sex marriage from state law and declare a national law redefining marriage “null and void.” The bills come as yet another local Republican Party chapter condemned Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), […]

‘Natural Immunity Is Not Something We Believe In’ for COVID-19: Biden Official

A Biden administration official told Congress that “natural immunity is not something we believe in” for members of the U.S. military who have had COVID-19, just days after a British study showed prior infection protects people as well as or better than vaccination. The armed forces will instead continue to push service members to take […]

How Pedophiles Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Exploit Kids

Artificial intelligence (more commonly known as “AI”) has gained attention and popularity in recent months, particularly since the launch of the ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI, which captivated the internet with both its impressive abilities and surprising limitations. The millions of AI users in the U.S. are mostly eager to cheat on their homework or escape writing work emails; however, some […]

As Train Derailments and Tensions with China Unfold, Experts See Crisis in U.S. Leadership

As yet another massive train derailment unfolded in Nebraska on Tuesday in the wake of the controversial federal response to the derailment disaster that has engulfed East Palestine, Ohio, experts are seeing a connection between the responses to both East Palestine and the recent aggressive actions of the Chinese regime: failed and incompetent American leadership. “It’s a disaster,” […]

Teacher Claims She Knows Better than Parents Because ‘I Have a Master’s Degree’

An Arizona teacher made the case for parental rights legislation she was testifying against in a bizarre rant last Wednesday. While testifying against Arizona SB 1700 on February 15, the teacher insisted that parents should not have the right to oversee her school materials because, “I have a master’s degree. … What do the parents have?” SB 1700 would […]