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VIDEO: The Leftist Meltdown over Popular Election Reforms

 By FRC Action Director Matt Carpenter Once Georgia joined Iowa in enacting new laws to protect the integrity of the ballot box, the Left has become increasingly unhinged. After enlisting Major League Baseball, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola to try to bring about economic hardship in the state, the Left is now realizing hurting minority […]

President Biden’s Biology Denial Will Ripple Throughout the Nation

Today, President Joe Biden proclaimed it to be “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Decrying the supposed systemic discrimination of those who identify as transgender, Biden’s proclamation only exposed just how out of touch he is with much of America. President Biden used the opportunity to push Congress to pass the Equality Act, a piece of legislation that we know […]

VIDEO: An Immigration Crisis Customs Made by Biden

Joe Biden hasn’t abolished ICE, but he’s done something just as bad. He’s made it impossible for the agency to do its job. Just two months into the White House’s amnesty experiment, the scene along our southern border is chaos. And who’s fault is it? According to the administration: Donald Trump’s. “We recognize this is […]

Utah Parents Push Back Against the Transgender Agenda – and Win

A group of Utah parents have prompted a review of an “equity book program” in their local school district after a teacher read a book favorable to transgenderism to a class of third-graders. The book, “Call Me Max”, written by transgender-identified author Kyle Lukoff, follows the story of a girl wanting to be seen as […]

Green Energy Leaves America Out in the Cold in More Ways Than One

February gave Texas the cold shoulder this weekend as an extreme winter storm pounded the entire state. As of this morning, power had not been restored to more than 4 million Texans. Hundreds of thousands have also lost water after the water treatment plants in Fort Worth, Abilene, and elsewhere suffered power outages. A handful of […]

VIDEO: Is Biden Going Soft on China?

The first few weeks of Biden’s presidency has seen the rollback of several Trump-era policies that put pressure on China. But while Chinese leaders may feel relieved, the United States has received nothing in return for the gradual easing of tensions. President Biden consistently refers to China as a “competitor.” This language is quite a bit softer […]

Twitter Reaches Hypocritical Mass

Twitter is opposed to government’s restricting speech; maybe it is because they don’t want competition. In a development that is adding more fuel to the fires against Big Tech, Jack Dorsey’s company made the astonishingly bad PR move to tweet about the situation in Uganda. In what comes across as delusional, Twitter tried to position […]

VIDEO: Dems Practice What They Impeach

 Liberals are nothing if not reliable. It’s been 13 years since Barack Obama’s chief of staff sat down with ABC and declared, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel’s party has lived and died by those words through two administrations, taking advantage of every situation to push an agenda that […]

Congressional GOP: Objections Sustained over Election Results

Joint sessions of Congress are usually perfunctory, formal events. But so far, nothing about Wednesday’s gathering of the House and Senate is shaping up to be ordinary. When the results of the Electoral College are presented to Congress, they’re usually certified without much controversy. That won’t be the case this year when more than 150 […]

COVID Vaccine: A Promising Start, But Freedom Must Be Paramount

Yesterday, after nine long months of praying for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah Lindsey — a critical-care nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens — received the first coronavirus vaccination. While the distribution of this vaccine is a sign of hope for many, the hyper-political climate in which it was created has […]