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American Pride Burning

They called it a “night of rage.” But outside the charred walls of Buffalo’s CompassCare, pro-lifers could barely get the national media to call it anything. Like the string of domestic firebombings across Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee, and Washington, the blown out windows, graffiti, and trashed offices were barely a blip on network news. It’s been quite a contrast to […]

Putin Stops New START

Russian president Vladimir Putin declared Tuesday that Russia “is suspending its participation” in New START, a treaty between the U.S. and Russia limiting the deployment of long-range nuclear weapons. Putin blamed his decision on the West, which he claimed instigated the war in Ukraine: “[I]t was they who unleashed the war, and we used force to stop it.” On February […]

GOP Primary Voters Want Candidates to Embrace Cultural Issues, Poll Finds

A new poll reveals that the overwhelming majority of Republican primary voters want future GOP presidential contenders to embrace hot button issues like gender transition procedures for minors and implementing restrictions on pornography. The survey, conducted by OnMessage Inc., found that 93% of respondents want candidates to confront parents rights issues, including increased transparency with school […]

San Francisco Cries Uncle on Seven-Year Boycott of Red States

When San Francisco decided to boycott the country’s red states, they were hoping it would have an economic impact. Trouble is, it did. Just not on conservatives. For seven years, the city has stubbornly clung to its travel bans and contracting blackouts for states with sane policies on life and gender — only to find out that the side […]

Congressman Says East Palestine Citizens Deserve Answers After Catastrophic Train Derailment

A Norfolk Southern train derailment that occurred two weeks ago in eastern Ohio still has not received the attention it should have from the federal government, said Representative Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) February 17 on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.” Those impacted by the disaster need answers, he insisted. The February 3 incident and “controlled explosion” of leaking […]

Democrat to Biden: Ignore Court Ruling against Abortion Pills. It’s What Abraham Lincoln Would Do.

A prominent Democratic senator has urged the Biden administration to “ignore” a potential federal court ruling that could impose a nationwide ban on abortion pills, comparing the “right” to abortion with Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves. “In a few days, a lawless Trump-appointed judge in Texas is expected to ban access to the […]

87% of Books Removed from Florida Schools Were Pornographic, Violent, Inappropriate, Data Shows

An overwhelming majority of books removed from Florida schools since the beginning of the academic year in September 2022 were pornographic, violent, or inappropriate for students’ grade levels, according to school district data submitted to the state’s Department of Education. Twenty-three out of 56 school districts reported that they had removed a total of 175 books, while […]

CBO: Interest on Debt to Triple by 2033, Surpass Defense Spending by 2028

Here’s one ballooning problem the military can’t simply knock out of the sky: net interest payments on the U.S. government’s debt are projected to triple over the next 10 years, totaling 300% of 2022 outlays in 2033, according to a new report published this week by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). According to CBO projections, interest on […]

Chinese Communists ‘Hope to Erase’ Christianity: Report

Last August 25, several faithful gathered around one of the largest churches in China’s Shanxi province to watch it dissolve into dust. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities had planted explosives inside Beihan Catholic Church, bringing its 131-foot-tall bell tower crashing to the ground. In a bout of déjà vu, the 10-year-old church had been built […]

Rubio Bill Would Restrict Gender-Confused from Military Service

On Thursday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced legislation that would prevent individuals who identify as transgender or who have gender dysphoria from serving in the military, with some exceptions. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) introduced companion legislation in the House. The lawmakers have emphasized that the bill’s purpose is to help the Pentagon stay focused on […]

Democrat Calls Advocacy for Natural Family ‘Dangerous and Un-American’

A Democratic politician has received massive backlash after she called the scientifically attested belief that children suffer less abuse in nuclear families “dangerous and un-American.” “Extremist group Family Heritage Alliance said this morning that the safest place for kids are in families that have a married mom and dad. What a dangerous and un-American belief,” tweeted State […]

Whistleblower Explains How the Transgender Industry Convinces Parents to Mutilate Their Kids

A whistleblower’s explosive account reveals that the transgender medical industry uses high-pressure techniques, employs its own cadre of “experts,” and lies about the impact of puberty blockers and other drugs to convince parents to authorize lifelong “gender-affirming care” that effectively, or literally, castrates their children. When the parents refuse, at least one transgender clinic disregarded the will […]

St. Louis Transgender Clinic Under Investigation for Using Experimental Drugs on Kids, Medicaid Fraud

A pediatric gender clinic is under criminal investigation after a whistleblower charged the center with potentially defrauding Medicaid and private insurance to prescribe transgender hormones to children as young as 11. The sworn affidavit states the St. Louis facility administered cross-sex hormones to mentally ill children, sometimes against their parents’ wishes, and ignored children’s worsening […]

Florida Senator Rick Scott: Biden ‘Lied’ about GOP Wanting to Cut Social Security and Medicare

UPDATE: You know how Biden said it was Republicans who wanted to end Social Security, Medicare, etc.? Just watch this: Yet Biden accuses Republicans of trying to cut Medicare and Social Security. Give me a break. pic.twitter.com/zHmd1UvgPC — Rep. Lauren Boebert (@RepBoebert) February 9, 2023 During his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President […]

‘Zombie Studies’: DeSantis Declares All-Out War on University DEI, CRT in Education Manifesto

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) last Tuesday rolled out a new education agenda designed to comprehensively recapture the state’s higher education system from woke ideologues. Instead, he set forth a conservative vision for a higher education system: “to focus on promoting academic excellence, the pursuit of truth, and to give students the foundation so they can think for themselves.” […]